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Bittchofthesouth's Karma

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10/7/2011Enjoyed Your thread on the sun..very nice! ~aiyanna
10/6/2011You're a complete moron and don't know dick about astronomy so please quit pretending to and get an education before opening your trap!
10/6/2011Dishonorable post about a solar binary.
10/6/2011Good researching. GR
10/6/2011Always good stuff on my threads, centrist
10/6/2011Admitted liar
10/6/2011Fuckin Lies to get pins.
10/6/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/24/2011Cool avatar!
9/16/2011Great words of wisdom..your posts are greatly enjoyed and appreciated on my thread! Love a person with an open mind..Aiyanna
9/12/2011For having a sweet young tight ass :)
9/7/2011For thanking aunty flo for visiting you every month
9/5/2011'Cause you gave me one.
9/2/2011For the bump and pin suggest on earthquake thread..
9/1/2011Happy birthday :)
9/1/2011Happy birthday
9/1/2011Happy Birthday!
8/30/2011Good luck on the research! =) (yddap)
8/29/2011Sexy avatars get good karma -GTUSS
8/29/2011Because you are...
8/28/2011Well here is good karma
8/28/2011Im a bad karma troll, but you have none so here
8/28/2011Because I am
8/28/2011Cause you are
8/28/2011Good People...
8/18/2011For knowing your stuff on moodys, c77
8/15/2011Very nice person
8/13/2011I like your name! : )

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