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Blue Skies's Karma

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7/6/2012Major Propz and Ka-Tet, Gunslinger. Sorry Ive not been here alot here lately. Getting my star back next week. Smilies are coming. Love and Light my friend. Phase
7/5/2012Thanks for teh LOVE
7/4/2012Cheers Blue Skies! <3 Just miffed :)
7/3/2012Fuck muzzies
7/3/2012Love back at ya Dear..LooK`n
7/2/2012Ty, from 12.21.12
7/1/2012Motive of gentle soul brings much reward Blue...Marty en`eng`ko
6/30/2012Thank you from tauranga
6/29/2012I love blue skies :) MURK9
6/29/20121 *Arizone
6/29/2012For beautiful blue skies
6/29/2012Karma love :) Love Angels
6/29/2012Some fake green loving from Michael
6/28/2012With all of your fake love for karma points, You are one of the reasons this planet is screwed up.
6/28/2012For living 'outside the box' :) ~ Truly
6/26/2012Beautiful soul! ~Christine~
6/25/2012Always Positive Karma 4 U ~ Lovely Blue Skies(~), tSJ
6/22/2012Billy Missed you :) Thanks Blue
6/22/2012Love and Light to you today,....Being Mindful
6/22/2012Hi Blue Skies (waving) been a long time!! <3 JM
6/22/2012Ty, from 12.21.12
6/21/2012Thanks Blue Skies for standing up... From A.
6/21/2012Much Love for Love itself and it is always Patient...Love Marty en`eng`ko
6/21/2012You are beautiful blue, your loved ones and friends are fortunate peoples;-)
6/21/2012Karma hugs back at ya dear...LooK`n
6/20/2012For laughs! - ANHEDONIC
6/20/20121 from Path!
6/20/2012Hi Blue jynxx
6/20/2012From Lotus xxx
6/19/2012Nice post karma 4 u from Gonviral
6/19/2012For kittens! /Michael
6/19/2012Thanks for thinking of me :) =^..^= GG
6/19/2012You're a darling! - RoXY
6/16/2012Have a great w/e! ~Christine~ :)-
6/13/2012From Apollo. For the Zucchini, Long live Zucchini ! lol
6/13/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/13/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/12/2012How do you do Blue? karma from Bowman : )
6/12/2012Hugs back to you, my friend :) =^..^= GG
6/11/2012I owe you two greens now...;)...Thanks dear
6/9/2012Great post!! lol!! karma from Gonviral
6/7/2012No reason! :D /Michael
6/6/2012Green hug from tauranga
6/6/2012Stupid is as stupid does
6/5/2012God bless you friend :D Expertofsound
6/4/2012Love Angels :)
6/4/2012To be in Love with Love itself is a True Motive of Heart Blue,know that will never change...gd2balive
6/4/2012Back to you, my friend :) =^..^= GG
5/31/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/31/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/30/2012Hey Blue Skies!!!! All my love and light to you and your family...LooK`n
5/30/2012Beautiful soul! ~Christine~
5/29/2012SoS loves ya
5/29/2012Green hugs from tauranga
5/29/2012Great post - Walt
5/28/2012For your stupid comments
5/28/2012Ahhh, Blue Skies :) Greens for you LoVe Billy
5/22/2012Karma from Walt
5/19/2012Sending you my Love Blue, gd2balive...Marty
5/17/2012Love your posts on the "She" thread :)- ~Christine~
5/17/2012Sending Love and Light...LooK`n
5/16/2012Love Angels
5/13/2012Good wishes from NZ. .Tauranga
5/12/2012Moms day karma from Walt
5/11/2012Friday Green Karma from Bowman! : )
5/10/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/9/2012For all the kittehs! /Michael
5/9/2012Hugs from LOOK`n....;)
5/9/2012I'm BLUE dabo de dabo da daboh de dabo da dabo de daboh dah!
5/8/2012Love and light blue....Being Mindful
5/8/2012Blanket statement - samanthasunflower
5/8/2012Ur cat pics! :)
5/8/2012When we are in tune with the unknown, the unknown is peaceful =^..^= Girl Genius
5/7/2012Karma for you friend, I will never forget your kind deed of membership for 1 month! Expertofsound
5/5/2012Ka-Tet. Karma like a wheel. Love ya. Phase
5/5/2012Enjoyed your post the other day. D'Light
5/4/2012Watch out where the huskies go, don't eat the yellow snow.
5/3/2012Like your avitar , 12.21.12
5/3/2012Back at you - xxkoshxx
5/2/2012From Uncle Mikey!
5/1/2012Nice post! - Walt
4/30/2012Anti-stress green from Michael :D
4/30/2012Love and Light....Being Mindful
4/28/2012Where are my Blue Skies??? Hope all is well..LooK`n
4/24/2012Karma like a wheel, Gunslinger. Ka Phase
4/23/2012Thanks from Walt!
4/22/2012Karma for you....being mindful
4/16/2012Nobody knows the age of the human race, but everybody agrees that it is old enough to know better ~ Karma hugs =^..^= Girl Genius
4/15/2012Thanks Blue Skies <>3 Just miffed :)
4/15/2012Green room karma from Walt
4/14/2012A goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds - RoXY
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