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El Chupacabra's Karma

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3/17/2013Get over yourselves,crackers. LOVE IT! Martianprincess
3/1/2013Harlem shake wisdom. thank you. octobersolstice
3/1/2013Con Los Terrorista!
3/1/2013Great response on harlm shake F.K.
2/9/2013Good questions.
2/5/2013Happy V Day
1/7/2013Green for you post in the 'Texas Guy detained by TSA' thread.-Rabid Wolf
10/21/2012Nat Rothschild contribution. Sir Griffo
11/10/2011Smart ass
10/14/2011Thinkin like me
10/13/2011You know the truth - Tuff~Kooky
10/12/2011U 2
9/20/2011Great link for nuclear arms
9/20/2011Debunked - samanthasunflower
9/17/2011Great posts in Agenda 21 thread, THANK YOU! me777
8/24/2011Fighting racism: Revguard
8/16/2011Rejoices over german deaths
8/14/2011Makes sense
8/13/2011Always good posts
8/13/2011PEACE. ... I like your message!

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