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Andrew Jackson's Karma

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8/22/2012You're comments regarding usuary, so many are hypocrites!- --anti-agenda21
6/10/2012Good post
6/10/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/9/2012From Abaddon, for your wisdom on my post..
6/8/2012They forgot a few Zeros: ... There that fixed it.... Good one! :) ...*from CrissCross
6/5/2012Painfully stupid and a massive hypocrite.
6/4/2012Good to see you back, enjoyed your posts in the past. have some of my limited karma haha -royslist
6/4/2012Awesome info on derivatives bro -CultivatingMass
6/3/2012Open bar at the wake? - samanthasunflower
3/30/2012The republic of Texas agrees
3/30/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/30/2012Thank you!
3/28/2012If some unarmed man is bashing your head against a sidewalk, trying to kill you, you would use a gun on your person, too! You are an idiot.
3/27/2012We are here so God has someone to reason with----thats gold
3/26/2012You are pathetic! LOL! :)
3/26/2012Sorry that you think blacks are still slaves, or the only slaves. as long as people like you exist, so will division.
3/26/2012Bitch about justice as you prejudge Zimmerman. grow up!
3/25/2012Racist scumbag
3/25/2012True, thank you....
3/24/2012Well said.
3/22/2012What you say is so sad, yet SO true. Spread the word. - Black Knight
3/21/2012It was the 40 years comment that got me, the lie doesn't work anymore does it!
3/21/2012Jesus has NOT returned yet. please stop lying to people.
3/20/2012IQ below 50. Andrew should be banned from the internet Mommy
3/20/2012Still one good american out there. from sonic doom
3/20/20122 idiot on glp
3/16/2012Lol. -- borian...
3/11/2012Also known as "carpetbaggers"
3/8/2012Thanks for your support - BK.
3/7/2012You deserve your spot on the $20 bill.
3/6/2012Supports abuse against men -1
3/5/2012Go and suck your boyfriends cock faggoid. From a gold bug...
2/29/2012Simplest of theories to grasp
2/29/2012For the comment in iran thread to help you get out of neg :) hipflask
2/26/2012Keep telling the people about the reality of the moneychangers Andrew: Strongman
2/25/2012Anti American loser

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