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Hieronymous Toward's Karma

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11/19/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/21/2011Your dream sounds awesome. If only we could somoehow manifest it.
9/21/2011For being a grateful soul!
9/21/2011Thanks for saving the Elenin Niburu thread - My2centsworth
9/20/2011For intelligence so lacxking in the world today
9/20/2011Great joke NUTRAMAC
9/20/20111 Half-Ass
9/17/2011Good show
9/15/20111 for dealing with my sarcastic sense of humor!
9/4/2011Helped an old lady get up.
9/3/2011Memory lapse
9/2/2011Awesome Thread.
9/1/2011Good time thread
9/1/2011For pointing out things change. I always assumed I was m istaken.
8/26/2011Don't agree with you 100% but here ya go TXG4T
8/23/2011Just because your post made sense..Rise above the fear!
8/21/2011For being a nice person
8/21/2011For helping the elderly.
8/21/2011Beautiful <3
8/20/2011I don't get this world either, happy to know a few of us our out that still care about others!! Well done with the elderly lady.
8/20/2011For being a decent person
8/20/2011Good karma for your randoim act of kindness
8/20/2011For being helping an old lady in need
8/20/2011For being a good soul!
8/20/2011For being a good Samaritan--very kind of you!
8/20/2011For helping the old lady..it's all I can do to say thanks! ~Chip
8/20/2011Good man
8/20/2011An exceptional act of kindness a+++++
8/20/2011Lovely person!
8/20/2011Good person, helped a stranger
8/20/2011Hilarious sheeple imitation!
8/20/2011> cute comment i'm following the sheeples
8/20/2011I am blessed to have read your words. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.
8/20/2011For the appreciation of my dog's efforts to control the local pigeon population.
8/16/2011For empathy

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