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dragunov_1977's Karma

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1/31/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/31/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/29/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/12/2013Likes dick wayyy too much!
7/5/2013Doesn't mean you are not an anti-semite...davvi
3/24/2013Some spring green for ya. -Hitokiri
2/14/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/14/2013Typical left wing shitbag shill. i hope your asshole falls out cock-smoker.
1/31/2013Thanks bro! B.H.
1/22/2013Happy day! - cryinwonthelpya
10/18/2012Some fuel for your fire - cryin...
9/9/2012Cuz obama is a shithead
9/3/2012Elephants never forget :) - Elephant Worker
8/24/20121 multicultural nightmare. Manu
8/18/2012It's been a while, have some green! BK
8/16/2012Hey Dragonov been on holiday or what? LosTLocos.
8/16/2012Where ya gone to?~hyrulerupee
8/2/2012Been gone a while...
8/1/2012Love you - DutchNord32 <3
7/28/2012Green for the weekend- Rabid_Wolf
7/27/2012Hey my friend
7/27/2012Miss you dragunov! - Tuff~Kooky
7/27/2012Great article mate - Therian
7/25/2012Back at ya D - kenny
7/23/2012Hey Dragunov! we'rve ya been man? LosTLocos....
7/22/2012Hope you had a good weekend ~Nostril
7/20/2012Peace brother...haven't been on in a while....danwa
7/19/2012Have a wonderful weekend! - Six Six Six
7/19/2012Beat you to it this week my friend! BK
7/18/2012Dude ;) Axe!
7/17/2012A little green for ya. -Hitokiri
7/16/2012Here ya go pal-LosT
7/15/2012Cheers! :)
7/15/2012Forgot to sign last one! Green is good~hyrulerupee
7/14/2012Nibiru is coming-Kayak
7/14/2012What goes around comes around! You got nuthin' but good comin. :) -serendipitous
7/12/2012Have a good weekend expendable
7/11/2012Trying my best to soak up the reds for ya Dragon >>> IMAX
7/8/2012What comes around goes around... - chopinrocks
7/8/2012Some green for you .. Greets Mr Martin
7/7/2012What up dude, I was on vaca! World didn't blow up!! AxE
7/7/2012Stay cool my friend. -Hitokiri
7/6/20121 Emp
7/4/2012Happy 4th!
7/4/2012Happy 4th!- Rabid_Wolf
7/4/2012Thanks man ;) IMAX
7/4/2012Have a wonderful week. - Six Six Six
7/3/2012You too my friend (Regulus)
7/3/2012Have Great 4th of July ~ Nostril
7/2/2012You said it bro, nonsense and more nonsense, it's getting overwhelming. Manu
7/2/2012Back at ya!
7/1/2012Hope your weekends going well!
6/30/2012A wise mantis, you are! -Serendipitous
6/29/2012Fields of green to you dragunov! Baba
6/29/2012Back at you :)...IRQ_1
6/29/2012Hey dragunov! - Tuff~Kooky
6/28/2012Back atcha! Have a great weekend and stay cool. -Hitokiri
6/28/2012Dear Dragonuv....Please send the veggie lasagna immediately. I will repay you with a Spicy Red Dragon Roll from the best sushi chef I know! Have a great weekend and keep coooool....Hag :)
6/27/2012Green week +1 EMP
6/27/2012Some weekly green for you !! Cheers Mr Marrtin
6/27/2012Here ya go bud expendable
6/27/2012Yes, happy Wednesday. BK
6/26/2012I'm baaaacccckkkk!!!
6/26/2012Kickin Ass. Whitemike761
6/26/2012Thanks! :) Have a great day
6/26/2012Starry eyes--Thank you!
6/26/2012Been gone a bit, heres some green snarky74
6/25/2012Watch out for the bath salts mate! (regulus)
6/25/2012Have a great week! :) - Rabid_Wolf
6/25/2012Just passing the green that counts
6/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/25/2012Thanks for the Karma -chopinrocks
6/24/2012You too :)
6/24/2012Doing my effort to soak up the red for you dragon ! :P IMAX
6/24/2012Another for you - cryin wont help ya
6/24/2012Happy Sunday Dragunov----Lost----
6/24/2012Bring on the doom-Kayak
6/23/2012Green day ;) salt
6/23/2012Have fun, I'll be working 12 hour shifts. but on Vac next weekend peace. <Medic>
6/23/2012Thank You My Friend...May GOD bless you and all those that you have love for..your kindness to me has not gone unnoticed
6/22/2012Your awesome. thank you. warriorsbond
6/21/2012Weekend coming, hope it's a good one for ya....B. H.
6/21/2012Have a great weekend my friend! -Hitokiri
6/21/2012Walk through fields of green Dr... baba
6/20/2012Weekly karma expendable
6/20/2012Like a clock you are my friend. BK
6/19/2012Back at ya! ~Nostril
6/19/2012Laser guided missles or not as long as i am around you get that weekly karma ;) cheers Mr Martin
6/19/20121 Emp
6/19/2012You're a fucking piece of human garbage. Those reporters didn't do anything wrong. Go pound a bucket of sand up your ass!
6/19/2012Ciao from the Mediterranean --Travis Bickle
6/18/2012Thanks! You too! :)
6/18/2012Happy Monday to you, Dragunov!!! Hope you have a great week. Hag :)
6/18/2012Thx mate! (Regulus)
6/17/2012Thanks for the good karma! -mal757
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