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6/16/2012Hope you have an easy going Sunday too!!! xoxo, Strangela
6/16/2012Love ya dragunov! from Tuff~Kooky
6/16/2012Thanks Dragunov -Rayrayz
6/16/2012Thanks for the support. Have a wonderful weekend! - Six Six Six
6/15/2012Thanx for the greets! I'm work'n ALL weekend :(( have a good one. <Medic>
6/15/2012We're a species in danger of extinction, the world will miss us when we're gone. Manu
6/15/2012Have a great weekend -- from goodmockingbird
6/15/2012For child porn arrest thread
6/15/2012Cheers! -chopinrocks
6/14/2012Some green for that creepy Praying Mantis! Ewww! - Serendipitous
6/14/2012White mike 761
6/14/2012Going on vacay....enjoy the green!~hyrule :)
6/13/2012Hey thanks for the karmas dragun it really helps :) IMAX
6/13/20121 for you too friend! -Hitokiri
6/13/2012Good lord what an uneducated basement dwelling hot pocket eating idiot! What will you do when the tax layers paycheck runs out? Yea like most, cry to your grandma!
6/12/2012And to you to my friend! BK
6/12/2012Wheres all the doom?-Kayak
6/12/2012Some weekly green for you :) Cheers Mr Matin
6/12/2012Karma up! EMP
6/12/2012Bck at cha expendable
6/11/2012Green day ;) salt
6/11/2012A thank you 4 ur KARMA
6/11/2012Silly pedos goin to prison
6/11/2012Little belated green before pulling out of this place this weekend. Take care - Okie
6/9/2012Thanks for the green, keep up the good work!
6/8/2012I thought I heard zombies last night, but it was just people heading to their T.V.s for "prime time" shows! :D -Rabid_Wolf
6/8/2012Awesome posts! Krama from Gonviral!
6/8/2012Never give up, we will expose the jewish people. Duckduckgoosechamp.
6/8/2012Thanks for your support, but I think I am more scared of normal people than zombie and mermaid flashmobs ;-) -RaXz
6/8/2012My katana is sharp, and my brain still functional...i think... (regulus)
6/7/2012What up bro, did the zombies catch you yet? Manu
6/7/2012Thanks again Dragunov! what would i do without you!!!???
6/6/2012Green time! snarky
6/6/2012Much thanks. warriorsbond
6/6/2012Back atch ya!! -chopinrocks
6/5/2012Thx for warning me about Zombies!! I should stick to more simple drinks this weekend...like wine. Zombies always do me in :) - Serendipitous
6/5/2012A little green for the Venus Transit. - Six Six Six
6/5/2012Hoping all is well with you and yours -- from goodmockingbird
6/4/2012DHS worries me more than zombies comrade! BK
6/4/2012No face-eaters in my neck of the woods yet, Dragunov....here's hoping you are still safe from them as well!! Hag :)
6/4/2012LOL Thank you. Stay vigilant my friend! -Hitokiri
6/2/2012Greeeeen pour vous -- cryin won't help ya
6/2/2012Zombie Hunters UNITE! - Travis Bickle
6/1/2012Lol...I'll be watching out for them-Rayrayz
5/31/2012Thanks dragon :)
5/31/2012Zombie apocalypse FTW!!! (Regulus)
5/31/2012Bouncing some weekly green back. Grtz Mr Martin
5/30/2012For a cool friend~hyrulerupee
5/30/2012Ahh Muh Face!! LOL --Nostril
5/30/2012Green day ;) salt
5/30/2012I certainly will. (Alrighty)
5/29/2012Thax buddy back at ya expendable
5/29/2012Weekend was good +1 EMP
5/28/2012Go go go go go go go go, baba cha
5/28/2012Same to you buddy! -Hitokiri
5/28/2012Thanks so much for the awesome tunes! Memorial Day Karma to you! xoxo, Strangela
5/28/2012Thanks very much and have a great day, AxE
5/28/2012Karma for a good friend ;) manu
5/27/2012I do not do fun, but thanks for the good wishes! Be well. BK
5/27/2012Green virus, its going around-Kayak
5/27/2012Happy sunday!....B.H.
5/27/2012Love your avatar. We had one as a pet - Victorian
5/26/2012Have a great extended weekend my friend...<danwa>
5/25/2012For making me smile :) -Serendipitous Have a great weekend!
5/24/2012Happy Thursday to you, Dragunov!!! Here's some good karma for you just "because." Hag :)
5/24/2012Keeping the green going snarky74
5/23/2012You are such a nice person, dragunov - thanks for all your karma! I will be leaving GLP soon so I wanted to thank you.mehitable.
5/23/2012Just counting down my last couple weeks. Have a good one - Okie
5/23/2012Hwew you go buddy ;) Greetz Mr Martin
5/22/2012Best wishes from goodmockingbird
5/21/2012Good Monday too you Dragunov!---Nostril
5/21/2012Thanks dragunov! -Rayrayz
5/20/2012Thanks for the love. back at ya, as always~chulahoma
5/20/2012Thanks +1 EMP
5/20/2012Weekend was great just got back from Ft. Drum - brought some green for you! BK
5/20/20121 from the KonspiracyKitty
5/20/2012Good eclipse day to you friend! -Hitokiri
5/20/2012Just cause your cool!
5/19/2012Thanks! I hope you have a great weekend too!- :) Rabid_Wolf
5/19/2012Good karma for you! Oh and awesome mantis! :) -mal757
5/18/2012You too :)
5/17/2012Still working hard at karma whoring instead of posting quality threads and EARNING your karma. Karma whore!
5/16/2012For being a "good soul". A rare gem to find here nowadays. -Serendipitous
5/16/2012Green day? thanks snarky74
5/16/2012Its penaut butter karma time >> IMAX
5/16/2012Happy Daze... - Travis Bickle
5/16/2012For just being YOU.
5/16/2012Hey, you too, Dragunov!!! Jake
5/15/2012Hehe solidarity back ;) manu
5/15/2012Same 4 U ... Mr Martin
5/14/2012Back at ya expendable
5/14/2012Have a good one yourself :) - Okie
5/13/2012Good Karma to you for posting on the thread!!! Thanks, Strangela
5/12/2012For my buddy. Have a great week!~hyrulerupee
5/12/2012Thanks dragunov...I wish you you a happy saturday.-Rayrayz
5/12/2012Sorry mate, i seem to be neglecting you, heres one back...
5/12/2012Thank you! You have a great weekend too Dragunov! -Hitokiri
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