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dragunov_1977's Karma

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5/12/2012Thanks +1 EMP
5/11/2012And you too. BK
5/11/2012Thanks for my first karma!-mal757
5/10/2012Thanks for posting on my thread! D'Light
5/10/2012Green Thursday :)
5/8/2012Keeping the green alive snarky 74
5/8/2012Happy monday....B.H.
5/7/2012Happy Monday to you, my fellow spaghetti-bender! Hag :)
5/7/20121 hope all is well bro, Manu
5/7/2012Karma, what goes around-Kayak
5/6/2012Thanks... <danwa>
5/6/2012Keep rocking friend, baba cha
5/5/2012Some Free Karma For You .. Grtz Mr Martin
5/4/2012Sir Griffo Green
5/4/2012Have a Great Weekend dragunov! <Nostril>
5/3/2012And may the Lord be with you as well! Black Knight
5/3/2012Back at ya! Have a great weekend! -Hitokiri
5/3/2012Change your avatar
5/3/2012Have a good week +1 EMPerror
5/3/2012Green fo you>>IMAX
5/3/2012Hey, Karma Whore! !! stop fucking trading for karma and earn it the old fashioned way by posting good material ! ya whore!
5/2/2012Typical Iranian shill.
4/30/2012Drink Up MPH2012
4/29/2012Thanks, you too-Kayak
4/29/2012For my sniper rifle friend
4/28/2012Ty my friend...happy surfing...McGuyver
4/28/2012Thanks for the ray of sunshine! Here's a smile back at you :) Serendipitous
4/28/2012Happy days to ya....B.H.
4/28/2012Love to a fellow friend of frogs and mantids -- from goodmockingbird
4/27/2012Right back at ya <3 chulahoma
4/27/2012Thanks bro same to you, keep safe. Manu
4/27/2012For the karma! snark
4/26/2012To my fellow Wop....How come-a you so nice, Eh? I've got the marinara in my veins as well....
4/26/2012Green for you
4/26/2012LOL Back at you my friend! -Hitokiri
4/26/2012Stop being a karma whore and earn it the right way by posting quality material.... fucking karma whore....
4/25/2012Green green, baba
4/25/2012And a HALO drop in return. BK
4/24/2012Thanks dragunov...Rayrayz
4/24/2012Back At ya! Nostril Domus
4/24/2012Thanks --- DRAGOON
4/23/2012You actually should kill yourself because some cunt made you do it. Fucking faggot weirdo.
4/22/2012Supportive of racist comments.
4/21/2012Judaic Controlled? Give me a fucking break.
4/21/2012Thumbs down for stupidity
4/19/2012Green rupee time 4U~hyrulerupee
4/18/2012Must be payday! Black Knight
4/18/2012Thanks for the green! snarky
4/17/2012Thanks dragunov, doom on baby-Kayak
4/17/2012Thanks for the green!...IRQ_1
4/17/2012Good on ya! baba cha
4/16/2012You too Pal!
4/16/2012Have a good'un too _ Okie
4/16/2012Same to you friend! -Hitokiri
4/15/2012Thanks for the green!
4/15/2012Thanks bro hope all is well. Manu
4/14/2012Straight cash homey---Rayrayz
4/14/2012Ditto - 422
4/13/2012Hello, dragunov....have some good karma today! :) Hag
4/11/2012Thanks White MIke761
4/10/2012Back at ya-Evan03
4/9/2012Easter green back at ya bro...B.H.
4/8/2012Happy Easter! -Hitokiri
4/8/2012Best wishes -- from goodmockingbird
4/7/2012Stop Being a Karma Whore And Trading For Your Karma!!!! Earn Your Damn Karma!!!
4/6/2012Good man, baba cha
4/5/2012Back at cha babe!~hyrulerupee
4/5/2012Happy easter-Kayak
4/5/2012Right back atcha - Cryin Wont Help ya
4/5/2012Heya drag! - Tuff~Kooky
4/4/2012Thanks for the positive - Okie
4/2/2012Green in return - 4 22
4/1/2012Black knight coming back at you!
3/31/2012Back-atcha, Dragunov! Hag :)
3/30/2012Back atcha! -Hitokiri
3/28/2012Thanks big guy-Kayak
3/28/2012Back at ya-Evan03
3/23/2012Green back at ya - 4
3/23/2012Green for you! Stand!
3/21/2012Thanks for the kindness, Dragunov!!!! Hag
3/21/2012Green Time! From Tuff~Kooky
3/18/2012Reciprocation :) EW
3/12/2012Good luck with the broom ;) - bovril
3/10/2012For being friends with space_ace
3/8/2012Nice to meet you!
3/7/2012Thanks for the post (USMC0369)
3/6/2012Don't want to go the way you say bro, but feel that I will too! Give 'em hell! - Black Knight
3/5/2012Back at ya!~hyrulerupee
3/4/2012Right back at ya...God bless you - Dease
3/2/2012Green from Tuff~Kooky
3/2/2012Thanks sir for the kind words
2/28/2012Get Some Fish Bites! :)
2/27/2012Yo, Dragunov....Thanks for the "thumbs up"....Good Karma back to you as well!!!....Hag
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