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FlyingHigh's Karma

Total: 24 (24  User Votes) and 9

10/14/2011Imagine this as a gray thumb.
10/14/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/13/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/13/2011Back at ya, friend! Missouri Foxtrotter
10/13/2011Thanks and 1 for you too. whoopdeedoo
10/13/2011Karma for you. Azila
10/13/2011Not a needy Karma whore :)
10/2/2011Cool thoughts.
10/1/2011Good idea , Sergman
10/1/2011This + is for "pretty frigging amazing" comment. Mongo like!
8/28/2011Karma for everyone!
8/28/2011For the heck of it
8/28/2011Just for you. :)
8/28/2011Here ya go, have a tiny bit more.
8/28/2011Karma phishing
8/28/2011From the clown
8/28/2011Great question!
8/28/2011From Fatalwishes...Good Karma to you for giving so much
8/28/2011Karma for nothing. Just because.
8/28/2011There you go!..JTREAL3
8/28/2011Posts like these will give you more negatice
8/26/2011Cause dweebs get negative Karma
8/22/2011Thank you for sharing your beautiful and heartfelt thoughts...hold steady...:)
8/21/2011For calling-out race-baiters. Good on ya!
8/17/2011Great questions and thoughts here
8/16/2011Lovely soul! Keep shining!
8/14/2011Great sense of humour
8/13/2011Always keeping it real

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