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5/8/2019Thanks for commenting on my Kansas flood thread! TrustNoOneKS
4/14/2019Sorry if you tripped over my RAGING LADYBONER! - TDP2 \m/
4/12/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/11/2019Fuck you too american idiot.
4/3/2019For being god of fagtardia and lord of dog cock suckia
4/2/2019Cheers from CK
4/2/2019For recognizing Mkjeep's faggotry
4/2/2019Idiot Boy.
3/18/2019Give red get red
3/13/2019Right on! Capo
3/12/2019Cool avatar. love Miss Cleo
3/12/2019Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2019Got blue balls eh!
3/6/2019Anti gunner
2/16/2019Thank you :) AnonymousGirl
1/28/2019Thank you beautiful soul. Right back at ya! With Love~ Triteia
1/23/2019Presqu'ile well said fuck him
1/21/2019U drug addct? drug bad u broke bitch
1/18/2019My pleasure. :) AnonymousGirl
1/2/2019Tard below me cant spell
12/28/2018Then come and curb stomp me you little nazi bitch.I would stick a bayonet up your ass and trough your mouth you little cocksucker
12/5/2018What a lovely post "She posted from her heart...." MySoul
12/5/2018For defending the lady's prayer ~thinking...
12/5/2018Green for defending prayer in thread! Des
12/5/2018Thank you for coming to my defense. :) I appreciated your words very much! Love~ Triteia
12/5/2018Lurcher 1..Well said my friend..
12/4/2018Wave it proudly, yessiree! beeches
11/29/2018Lahey is that you? The shit winds are blowin. 54321...!
11/24/2018Paid shill, working for rogue us government
11/14/2018Jake IS a flip flopping bitch - truth!... Have a green to counter the red he gave you.
11/14/2018For "flip flopping bitch"
11/13/2018AnonymousGirl :)
11/12/2018Whores like other whores
11/12/2018You nailed it
11/12/2018Kitty Kat was here
10/23/2018For having a good heart...daughterofYHW​H
8/20/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/27/2018Great comment! ....nutmeg....
7/24/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
6/21/2018I agree!
3/1/2018For saying what others won't... Zuzu
12/22/2016Merry Christmas!
11/11/2011Me too!

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