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2/26/2015Thank you for pinning Salt's thread about the Obama scars. from Eggcellent
2/19/2015What is wrong with you!!!
2/16/2015You bake the chocolate chip cookies yourself? - even nicer! beeches
2/1/2015You like cheaters? here's some red
1/24/2015For your thread, thank you ~TML
1/23/2015Fist McKraken
1/23/2015Thank you for the thread and updates on the snow! ...nutmeg...
1/23/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/22/2015Thanks for the green, and thanks for your thread! I had no idea a storm was brewin' and headed this way - WOLF/ANHEDONIC : )
1/22/2015Thank you for the snow thread! (L&L)
1/22/2015Green for SNOW....luckycharm
1/21/2015God bless you. Mountain Woman
1/21/2015Thanks for the excitement predicting SNOWWWW! St3v3
1/21/2015We'll have to watch closely!-astral
1/21/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/21/2015For weather warning thread. beeches
1/18/2015Patriots green from Lionels Love
1/16/2015Go Hawks! :) (Peyton thread) cheers- Sealass
1/14/2015God Bless - WhiteAngel
1/11/2015Yes. we are all charlie. reminds me of 'we are groot'
1/10/2015Green for the Pats and Bruins victories from Lionels Love
1/10/2015Let's go Pats! ~~Hellfire Honey
1/7/2015God Bless You - whiteangel
12/21/2014Have some green and a very Merry & Blessed Christmas. - Cassie :-)
12/12/2014Have a Merry Christmas - whiteangel
12/10/2014Season's Greetings from ANHEDONIC : )
11/21/2014You are a sweet soul
11/18/2014May God bless you and keep you, friend~~WFTMission
11/3/2014Love GFG
10/27/2014Green for a believer. ;) UnOp
10/15/2014Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
10/13/2014Expressing your feelings so others can share
10/13/2014Sujet interessant
10/12/2014It's something ~ A r c
10/12/2014Weirdos did not feel weird today. TastyThoughts
10/11/2014For joining in on my thread. NODOOM
10/7/2014Green from Carol B.
10/7/2014God Bless - whiteangel
9/30/2014Pray my finger and then sit over
9/30/2014Karma care - aqmah ^-^
9/30/2014Keeping an eye on the end time signs - Indysmindy
9/29/2014A useless gas exchanger on par with the Ford Pinto. Slow, unsafe, and should have never been built.
9/29/2014Of course. That is unfathomably horrible. What a loss! ~Gigolo Jesus
9/26/2014Thanks from , DREAM MAKER :)
9/25/2014Thank you for your input on the "fireballs reported" thread ... Zuzu
9/24/2014Love GFG
9/22/2014Horsey :-(
9/22/2014Green Karma for our love of the animals!
9/22/2014Great book=Pooch
9/18/2014This dude is good!
9/11/2014Love GFG
9/10/2014Thank you for sharing your dream! INTHELORDSNAME
9/4/2014Fighting the good fight
8/30/2014Green for being open-minded - ANHEDONIC
8/24/2014This happens often to believers when in prayer. It is Biblical - use your Concordance. God bless you!
8/21/2014Solar Guardian here. May I have a green karma point? :)
8/11/2014For being a good passionate person - aqmah ^-^
8/10/2014Dumbass brainwashed sheeple fuck
8/8/2014From a fellow snow lover, beeches
8/6/2014Thanks for the contribution to my thread. - NODOOM
8/5/2014Sister Loving as He commanded her to do!
8/5/2014Prayerful person. (((hugs))) pool
8/5/2014Showing up when I need ya love GFG
8/4/2014Humble post in the 'religiontard' thread - ANHEDONIC
6/25/2014Love GFG
5/20/2014God bless you. One of God
5/20/2014Leakage Guised As Prophecy! (or both) TastyThoughts
4/25/2014Amen! :)
4/23/2014God Bless! - JCITW
4/18/2014Very Kind Person
4/9/2014God bless you One of God
4/6/2014Ebola, keep posting....somethings​ up....n
3/28/2014Green for a great GLP'er. ~ Cassie :-)
3/26/2014God bless you
3/24/2014Onward Christian soldiers!!!! - JCITW
3/24/2014Worrying me, as well (Chile EQs)-TheEndIsNigh2013​
3/23/2014<3 <3 <3 .. for Convo .. Rosie
3/19/2014Love ya GFG
3/17/2014God bless you
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