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bargoose's Karma

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1/17/2015Good Thread.... :-)
1/17/2015You seem pretty sucky
6/24/2013Supports zoophilia, and wants it to be legal! SICK FUCK
6/5/2013Brian..lol. gs
3/18/2013Folk music karma ~ Endave
11/19/2012Peace then destruction
6/30/2012Thanks for Contributing - Ohwell
6/15/2012Biblical nonsense
3/1/2012For all the fish in the sea :-) from ming
1/26/2012On the path of least resistance because of your religious beliefs >>> That wouldn't get you to Heaven <<< Peace be with You(~)
1/10/2012On the path of least resistance . . . on the Path is a good thing < Peace be with You(~) >
12/30/2011Because I can
12/29/2011You need serious help, you believe in imaginary things...
11/26/2011Fuck of cunt
11/3/2011Yep. Exactly. It's just sickening we're going through this again.
10/7/2011While science may have created the weaponry, it's the zealots who want to use it for world destruction
9/5/2011Excellent point!
8/30/2011Karma for you, love to you too!
8/16/2011Good karma for you!

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