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BossBattles's Karma

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12/18/2012You are truely dumb.
10/26/2012Good post on the "Barack Obama saved our 401K's, Ended Irak And Kept Us Out Of Bread Lines. He Deserves Four More Years.
10/24/2012Romney tard
8/30/2012Drive by
8/25/2012Being a dick!
8/14/2012Piece of shit.
8/13/2012Pussy Boy
5/12/2012Green for you from subzero86
4/14/2012Re: Monolith On Mars And No One Cares... Great Post Response And Very True.
3/12/2012Gotta be the lamest negative karma I've ever recieved, but in a way I respect it.
2/6/2012Some green in the Karma troom from KnightsTemplar.TV
1/19/2012Abduction disclosure:)
1/9/2012From Apollo
12/23/2011Total idiot
12/21/2011Your a deep thinker. I like that. Amy A
12/21/2011Asks men what its like to suck cock. I'll bet he knows already.
12/17/2011Peace, we are all playing a "part". A student of Protean thought
11/27/2011Karma Trade Sunday, Thug Cat
11/18/2011I suppose you worship at obamaâs feet
11/18/2011Karma luv for you. Flycat
11/18/2011Here's some green for you....indiandave
11/18/2011You been suprised Karma by LakeXeno.
11/18/2011Seems to think beating women is acceptable.
11/18/2011One for you, Azila
11/15/2011Stupid chemtard...just because you can SEE the trails...doesn't mean you understand what you see!
11/8/2011Thank you - Turtle
11/7/2011Twirls finger* is this a girl thing?
10/24/2011Brainwashed fool
10/8/2011BOO HOO, from black and white
9/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/28/20111 :d
9/28/2011To balance the scales.
9/28/2011Keep challenging the ones with blinkers on to assist in their unvealing from their childish dreams.
9/28/2011Jesus Is Lord
9/27/2011Good post
9/27/2011Using __Tard is the definition of being one
9/6/2011Don't taunt the sorcerer
9/2/2011Jesus is KING
8/29/2011Yup, we are doomed
8/22/2011Voice of reason and intelligence
8/20/2011'big woop' completely agree that thread is a load of BULL!!!
8/18/2011Nice catch

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