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notinfallible's Karma

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10/22/2013Miss ya - Lyttlmiss
10/18/2013Perspective within one's own paradigm is as sightless as the blind. -w_nb
10/18/2013For the music ! From Tiger1.
10/17/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
10/16/2013Happy Hump Day! Laura Bow
10/11/2013Green from indiandave
10/9/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
10/9/2013Good Happy Karma For You Dear nontinfailible.. Peace & Love WildFlower
10/8/2013Always and never, just as it should be. I can't control the perception of others, I can only speak my truth whether it's understood or not :) Bea
10/7/2013Have a great week! <3 Doomish
10/6/2013Karma Thanks! ~ Knowbody Special
10/2/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
10/2/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
9/28/2013Happy saturday karma sugar! :)- ~Christine~
9/24/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
9/24/2013Karma Huggzzzz!! Peace WildFlower
9/21/2013For a sweetheart! :)- ~Christine~
9/20/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
9/17/2013Early birthday greetings to you ! :) From Tiger1.
9/17/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
9/17/2013You guys are the best! Thanks for remembering me while I was away! <3 Doomish
9/10/2013For the submarine thread ! From Tiger1.
9/9/2013Peace WildFlower
9/8/2013Sunday morning karma....indiandave
9/7/2013Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.~Lao Tzu :)- Hugs, ~Christine~
9/7/2013Great avatar. That cat's on the move, exploring his surroundings. :) John Kocktosen
9/4/2013Nice beats (extern)
9/2/2013Karma Huggzzzz!! Peace WildFlower
9/1/2013For the music ! From Tiger1.
8/25/2013For putting your material out there - ANHEDONIC
8/25/2013Hope you have a blessed week! :)- ~Christine~
8/25/2013Peace WildFlower
8/24/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
8/24/2013Kinect :-)
8/18/2013Yes, he is still lucky!! :)- Hope you have a wonderful day & week! ~Christine~
8/18/2013Sunday morning green from indiandave
8/17/2013For your awesome music ! From Tiger1.
8/17/2013Karma Thanks! ~ Knowbody Special
8/15/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
8/13/2013Thanks Lamplite
8/11/2013Sunday hugs <3 miffed :)
8/10/2013Kinect :-)
8/10/2013You and your weird kharma. Typical Minnesotan. LoL
8/8/2013For your music ! From Tiger1.
8/8/2013Love, Dease
8/5/2013Peace WildFlower
8/4/2013For A Sweet Soul :)- ~Christine~
7/31/2013Great beat
7/30/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
7/29/2013Here's the green I promised you the other day. Sorry it took so long. -- Stereo
7/29/2013For a wonderful person.... PEACE WildFlower
7/29/2013Good karma from indiandave
7/27/2013Absolute CRAP "beats". I've heard better when kids kick a turd.
7/26/2013Karma for you friend. Kinect :-)
7/25/2013For a Sweet Beat! Love Ellusion :)
7/22/2013How are things with you? From Tiger1.
7/22/2013Peace WildFlower
7/14/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
7/13/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
7/13/2013Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~Christine~ :)-
7/5/2013For your music ! From Tiger1.
7/5/2013For a wonderful person.... PEACE WildFlower
7/3/2013Happy Independence Day!! Lyttlmiss
7/2/2013Tuesday karma from Walt
6/28/2013Peace WildFlower
6/25/2013Have a great week notinfallible!! <3 miffed
6/23/2013For the music ! From Tiger1.
6/22/2013Karma Love for my friend! ~Christine~ :)-
6/21/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
6/21/2013Thanks Lamplite
6/20/2013Happy friday eve Lyttlmiss
6/15/2013I have a very old, thick and heavy cell phone. I am dumping cell service at the end of this month. I refuse to be on an electronic leash any longer. From Tiger1.
6/13/2013For a wonderful person.... PEACE WildFlower
6/7/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
6/5/2013A karma hug for you Lyttlmiss
6/4/2013Peace WildFlower
5/30/2013I posted on your trance thread! Life long listener ~Spaze*Man~
5/29/2013For your music ! From Tiger1.
5/27/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
5/22/2013Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Doomalicious
5/20/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
5/17/2013Peace WildFlower
5/10/2013For your music ! From Tiger1.
5/9/2013Karma Huggzzzz!! Peace WildFlower
5/5/2013Good post - Lamplite
4/30/2013Peace WildFlower
4/28/2013Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
4/27/2013Cool jokes - Lamplite
4/27/2013Hope you have a great weekend!! Love ya, my friend!! ~Christine~ :)-
4/25/2013Just a Hello to a friend .. Lyttlmiss
4/22/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
4/22/2013From indiandave
4/19/2013For the anagram thread. From Tiger1.
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