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JustMoi's Karma

Total: 15 (15  User Votes) and 1

2/10/2012For being on my buddylist krispykritter
12/14/2011Thank you for the kind words and support!!
11/19/2011Friend Karma :-) dogmeat212
10/23/2011For your mum and my love of the Emerald Isle...CowgirlK
10/18/2011To upgrade urself
10/13/2011Just becouse I can :) ~ Dogmeat2112
9/29/2011Stay strong my friend. irishspirit
9/27/2011Just cuz. Azila
9/26/2011Fuck The Police +1
9/24/2011Cuz I like one fingered gorillas, monkeys.. whatever the hell you are.. WOOHOO ! good post by the way
9/23/2011Thanx. Daretospeak
9/22/2011You learn well fellow irishman,hybrocanuck
9/12/2011For being Irish !!!
9/11/2011Here you go, some bad karma to "Even You out".... you're welcome ;-)
9/11/2011Some karma for you - how's Ireland today? Astrochik
9/11/2011Love this song, so cheesy and so good, believe it or not, it's just me :)

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