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Celia D.'s Karma

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3/1/2015GUMBY!!! Hawk02
10/13/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/13/2012For the suicide thread, and you got two more coming your way!
10/9/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
10/6/2012For your positive "this iswhere you live" post - Dease
10/5/2012You are anomolously intellegent. Nickadeemus
10/1/2012Fuck you.
9/26/2012Just because you think no one can save you doesn't mean your right.. If you are wrong it will be eternity in hell that you are wishing you had believed TRUTH
9/19/2012For you, too :)
9/18/2012Over here dumbass
9/16/2012Love it....tough world though...
9/15/2012You can take your chaos and shove it up that blowhole of an ass of yours.
9/11/2012Being Mindful
9/8/2012Loved your list for 'balance' :) Sloane
9/7/2012Good post! <3 -Prophet.
9/5/2012Because you *matter* to me! (L&L)
9/5/2012Someone has hurt me emotionally and has made me feel worthless. I needed to hear that.Thank you.
9/4/2012ForMyPeople.org - Give the dreams a read...
9/2/2012Being Mindful
8/28/2012You know why
8/25/2012Happy threads that make you smile.. NO DOOM! :)
8/24/2012Your threads always make me smile. Thank you. - Six Six Six
8/16/2012Do something nice for someone without them knowing ....
8/5/2012You should probably pull your fist out of your ass and put it in your mouth. The shit coming up of your mouth is way more file than the shit coming out of your ass.
8/4/2012I love this idea that we're all one.
7/31/2012I like your threads Celia.-Starlit
7/29/2012I enjoy your posts very much! - Six Six Six
7/28/2012For your name
7/28/2012Karma from philligan for a good thread! Have a nice weekend
7/27/2012For Praising God :) From Evol Eric
7/26/2012Gay lover
7/26/2012Good advice
7/25/2012Go away..far away
7/25/2012You suffer from chronic fucktardism
7/25/2012Why post such fucked up and stupid thread???? Your pathetic
7/25/2012Go away
7/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/24/2012Thanks your awesome....Being MIndful
7/24/2012For you, for being you - Psych
7/23/2012Free karma day! mtn mang
7/21/2012For having such a BIG heart!!! Thanks friend, Strangela
7/20/2012This seems to be a perfect place for learning: Revguard
7/19/2012Sending you prayers, god bless you, merci
7/16/2012Yusssss !!!! :)
7/15/2012Karma Love :) Love Angels
7/7/2012Seems like a good time for green :) (L&L)
7/7/2012All the best Celia, you can beat this! ajk
7/6/2012Good luck! -Anubis
7/6/2012One day at a time, my friend. ;) salt
7/6/2012Good luck and keep the want to strong. Merci
7/6/2012Jesus loves you! You can overcome this with His help!
7/6/2012Good Luck with the Drinking! hawk02
7/5/2012Then..get help n get offline to get it
7/5/2012Love and support for the drinking, you can do it if you want to do it -Nemamiah
7/2/2012Stumpy :)
6/28/2012I don't really hate anyone...love might be a stretch though, love Brief :)
6/28/2012I just realized..Your a bloody cum bubble/vaginal bloodfart...love that fucktwat
6/27/2012First post ever that made me happy, tx Mischa
6/26/2012Thank you! You're beautiful!! <3 <3
6/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/23/2012To Peaceful Dog Walking! Eimaj
6/19/2012Forum karms from Bowman. : )
6/18/2012So What?
6/13/2012Healing karma...~ Ducimus
6/13/2012I love God too, God bless :) (S.Berry)
6/11/2012Brief :)
6/9/2012For asking poignant questions worth considering
6/9/2012Karma time (L&L)
6/8/20124 making to many threads & talking shit
6/8/2012To thine own self be true! Madame X
6/8/2012Stupid moaning thread about crap
6/7/2012"Wonderful. Create your own post about your animals." Remember this? how about being kind to people.
6/7/2012Drugs are bad mkay
6/7/2012I TRY to help too, that IS all we can do. Merci.
6/4/2012Quit whining.
6/1/2012Accomplish this!
5/31/2012Dumb to the max
5/28/2012Karma time :)
5/27/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/27/2012GLP Basher!
5/25/2012Laugh all the way home i say~DoubleHelix:)
5/24/2012Kate :)
5/23/2012Lighten up green WindyMind
5/23/2012Stupid thread
5/22/2012Worship god through christ or you choose lucifer by default.
5/21/2012Being true about facebook
5/17/2012For truth!
5/16/2012Blessings! - Lisa :)
5/15/2012Who cares?
5/15/2012Keeping things lively! D'Light
5/15/2012Hope this helps ASSHOLE!
5/15/2012Balancing out the red wtih a green thumb (L7L)
5/15/2012Whining about karma gets you more neg -.-
5/15/2012Making a thread about Karma
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