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Celia D.'s Karma

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5/12/2012Thanks for this Awesome post! Reminder how Great we are =)
5/12/2012Nice thread
5/10/2012How about not blathering on concerning topics you are ignorant
5/9/2012Good hearted person deserves good karma :) dragunov_1977
5/8/2012You are never alone - subzero86
5/8/2012Cheer up gal ar15-nut
5/8/2012Missing you!!! xoxo, Strangela
4/27/2012Beacause fuck you, that's why
4/27/2012You need laid.
4/27/2012Stupid bitch
4/24/2012A little common sense goes a long way. A lil green in return - Dark Match Jones
4/23/2012For whining in your thread. Grow some balls, you vagina fart.
4/23/2012Youre right, nobody
4/18/2012For animals with love in their hearts! best wishes
4/18/2012Love your pet thread...my2centswort​h
4/16/2012To starting over! Kate :)
4/9/2012"Facebook vs GLP" - I officially totally hate you. I was on the fence about it before, but yeah⦠you're a complete fucking idiot and a total bitch too.
4/9/2012Thoughtful comment -Erekt
4/8/2012Karma recharge! (L&L)
4/4/2012Karma love to you sweetie, Strangela
4/2/2012Enough with the preaching already
4/1/2012Karma time for though provoking threads (L&L)
3/31/2012Nice Grandpa & Grandma thread, thanks. jw
3/30/2012Positive energy :)
3/28/2012Love you girl!!! Strangela
3/26/2012Enjoying life and enjoying your thread.
3/26/2012Pondering life, You got me thinking. Madame X
3/26/2012A warm karma smile from Lady Jane Smith
3/25/2012Great Thread Celia D.... my2centsworth
3/25/2012Thought provoking threads that give me relief and assurance that logic still exists on this forum. Nick
3/25/2012For the Joni Mitchell songs! Endave
3/25/2012Great post op.
3/25/2012Because that's all we can do! :)
3/19/2012May all your wishes come true. Madame X
3/18/2012Just cuz - Turtle
3/17/2012Happy St Patties Day to ya!!! Hugs, Strangela
3/16/2012Karma for thoughtful questions (L&L)
3/14/2012Really nice post-passing the love-ATONTRUTH!
3/13/2012Caring for you... 141
3/13/2012Thank you for your kind words. I don't get those too often. Nickadeemus®
3/12/2012Great post to make people think. Amy A
3/11/2012Tell it Sister !
3/10/2012Love you!! Turtle
3/9/2012For your "left behind" thread. Thanks. 13
3/9/2012Hugs and good Karma to you sweetie, Strangela
3/8/2012For your nightly threads :) (L&L)
3/4/2012For a lovely thread
2/29/2012For having a kind soul :) - mm
2/29/2012For the hummingbird! TIS
2/27/2012Intellect In True GLP Style (Everyone's Going To Die) - OMNI-TARD
2/27/2012For stating the obvious :)
2/27/2012I'm banned from your thread, don't know why. Redlicorice
2/26/2012Green time (L&L)
2/15/2012Plus 1 karma for being an animal lover - ANHEDONIC
2/15/2012Green for pets...Chas
2/14/2012Valentines Karma to you, Strangela
2/12/2012Green for you -- just because :) (L&L)
2/5/2012Green time :) (Life and Love)
1/31/2012We See Eye To Eye
1/28/2012Good news about your mom! Much love to you, Strangela
1/23/2012More green! (L&L)
1/17/2012Agree...good thought****Butterfly girl
1/8/2012Love Sway x
1/7/2012Just because :) (L&L)
1/2/2012Great post - Synchronicty is the greatest example of a reality moulded by consciousness
1/2/2012Just cuz you're awesome - Turtle
1/1/2012For GLP ;) Searchalot
12/31/2011Happy New Year Celia!!! Much love to you for a wonderful 2012!!! xoxo, Strangela
12/30/2011Olive Addicts Anonymous! :) (Life and Love)
12/27/2011God Globs.. love it ... Love Sway x
12/24/2011Merry Christmas - Turtle
12/22/2011Sees the truth with regards to innervoice 222
12/22/2011Because you "care" (Life and Love)
12/17/2011For your Rescuing thread and for taking Chester in. :) ~ TitianWaves
12/17/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
12/16/2011For rescuing the dog. I love animals--oh_yikes
12/16/2011Rescue post
12/16/2011For Chester, awww so cute. Madame X
12/16/2011Great human
12/16/2011Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring thread..wildhoney
12/14/2011For pointing out the ugllness and pervasiveness of human trafficking (Life and Love)
12/14/2011Happy Holidays!!! xoxo, Strangela
12/10/2011For your thread on human trafficking. A very important topic that needs more awareness...thank you for spreading the word. :) ~ TitianWaves
12/8/2011Just cuz -Turtle
12/5/2011Positive karma for the "negative focus" thread. (Life & Love)
12/5/2011Balanced karma from Bowman
11/24/2011Cool vid
11/24/2011For the zoomiest dog vid
11/24/2011Thanks! ~Bent
11/22/2011Love ya Celia!!! Thanks for posting the RHPS tunes!!! xoxo, Strangela
11/22/2011Because the three wishes thread is worth more than one start (Life and Love)
11/11/2011Thanks for the orgasmic music!!! xoxo, Strangela
11/2/2011To the sweetest gal on GLP!!! Love you hon, Strangela
10/25/2011Hoping my kids will be as kind and compassionate to me when that time comes as you are to your parents. (Life and Love)
10/20/2011Because Halloween DOESNT suck!!! xoxo Strangela
10/17/2011Because having a busted chin isn't fun. (Life & Love)
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