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Celia D.'s Karma

Total: 221 (209  User Votes + 12  Threads Pinned) and 52

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10/14/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/9/2011For a great thread
10/7/2011Because 14 is hard for moms too... scarbedazzles
10/4/2011For the love of Fall! ~Awakened In Christ~
10/4/2011Thanks for the weather and seasons post!! :-) --hoopity
10/4/2011Retarded cat feeder!
10/4/2011For caring for the cats:)
10/3/2011Very kind of you to care for the kitties no one wants!
10/3/2011Karma for a pin! (L&L)
10/3/2011The Ice Cream Man thread. It made me smile :) - Too Dark Park
10/2/2011For contributing to the Love Song thread! CowgirlK
10/2/2011Halloween sucks. Deal with it.
10/2/2011For a fun thread! kona
10/1/2011Thank you for your comment. may god love us all.
10/1/2011Good Karma for a GREAT person!!!
9/28/2011To make up for the assholes given red. Irishspirit1
9/27/2011You're funner!
9/27/2011LoL - RoXY
9/27/2011Cuz I like you.
9/26/20111 Kharma for Celia D. ;-`)
9/23/2011Good threads on holidays and halloween (L&L)
9/23/2011Good Karma to you for being such a great person!!! xoxo
9/21/2011Good karma from Gaia.
9/19/2011Thank you sweet Celia, GLP Angel
9/19/2011Because I like you Celia D. ;-`)
9/17/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/14/2011Good Karma from JenJen for understanding the Point of my message
9/12/2011For loving animals, from 2Crazy4U.
9/12/2011Two good thought provoking posts recently! (Life & Love)
9/12/2011Attacking a person with bad words
9/11/2011Karma for your Fav disaster movie ....
9/8/2011For being cool and not getting pissed
9/7/2011Just cuz. ;-`)
9/6/2011I'm so sorry about the pigeon. xoxo
9/5/2011For pigeon snot thread!! (L&L)
9/2/2011Smart comment :)
8/31/2011Good taste..AdRock
8/28/2011Happy Birthday,
8/28/2011Animal lovers unite :)
8/27/2011Awesome taste in music. Had fun posting on the thread with you!
8/26/2011Stupid shill
8/22/2011OP needs all the good karma she can get.
8/21/2011Good luck
8/21/2011Contributed to the conversation.
8/20/2011No heart
8/19/2011Sending love your way....xoxo
8/19/2011Nice post
8/16/2011Anyone who encourages reading has good Karma coming!
8/16/2011For a fellow ex-Mormon
8/15/2011Good metaphor
8/15/2011Facebook is evil!
8/14/2011Thoughtful, empathetic post. Obviously a caring soul.
8/13/2011For being rational, compassionate, empathetic. yay Celia.
8/13/2011I like your cat comment
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