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HondaKing's Karma

Total: 53 (51  User Votes + 2  Thread Reports) and 8

9/3/2011Self indulgent punk
9/1/2011Anti apple ad
8/24/2011For calling your a jerk before. Green thumbs up for you sir.
8/21/2011Bs flag and nothing else
8/19/2011The lion may be king of the jungle but airdrop you into antarctica, you'd be just a penguin's bitch
8/19/2011Giving some good karma back to you! - Thanks, Lucky.
8/19/2011Kindness is what matters most cuz we'll all need it when SHTF!
8/18/2011You get a Karma Point! - Oprah
8/18/2011To move up in rank
8/17/2011Thanks Bud-ScienceRocket
8/16/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/16/2011Where you been biach, centrist77
8/16/2011For his song ...dettro
8/16/2011Being a jerk
8/16/2011For EARNING karma the honorable way...
8/15/2011For always putting the green to your head.
8/15/2011I love the song.
8/15/2011For genorosity
8/15/2011For humoring my poor rapping skillz and making me laugh - Trix
8/15/2011From ONly Me --awesome song
8/15/2011This guy is creating good vibes
8/15/2011Very Generous Soul!
8/15/2011Great attitude sharing your pin karma!
8/15/2011Keep writing songs!
8/14/2011Nice effort--great lyrics, beat--loved it!
8/14/2011Cool song
8/14/2011Good song
8/14/2011Great words to live by! LoVeLiGHT420
8/14/2011Being a sarcastic smartass
8/14/2011Cool shout out for GLP!! Professionally done as well- liked it alot :D
8/14/2011Good song
8/14/2011Nice tune
8/14/2011Your song lyrics are awesome!!!!
8/14/2011Great song, great thread, ty! more please!
8/14/2011Wow, thumbs up 'cause I understood every word & they made sense!
8/14/2011He sings an ode to glp
8/14/2011Good song!
8/14/2011Lots of effert-good song man
8/14/2011Better than these shitty illuminati rappers
8/14/2011Awesome song for truth!
8/14/2011Good song keep it up
8/14/2011Cool dude
8/14/2011Great original lyrics...meaningful to todays problems
8/14/2011Nice song.
8/14/2011Cool song
8/14/2011Great video. talent and great meaning. Keep it up!!!
8/14/2011Nice kid:) got one myself:) always want them to speak from the Heart:) no matter what..
8/14/2011Thanks for the response against the troll :D
8/14/2011Must be a whigger
8/14/2011Great sense of humour
8/14/2011Great song!! Good job
8/13/2011For telling the truth.
8/13/2011Good song for a 'quickie'. Keep it up!
8/13/2011Got skills
8/13/2011Kool song
8/13/2011Dude is awesome enough to post his own skills on the netz and supported GLP with a song. Much love!!
8/13/2011Great musical applaction for a good reason and speaking the truth.
8/13/2011Ok how many tickets til we get top prize?? :)

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