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ST In BG's Karma

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3/30/2020To, ST :-). Thank You. Wishing you well and sending green hugs your way. Take Care! ~Blue Spirit~
3/30/2020For The Messenger
3/22/2020Greetings ST :-). Spreading Green Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way During These "Times".. Take Care and Stay Safe xo ~Blue Spirit~
3/19/2020"Ode To Billy Joe" - T2
3/15/2020Hello ST :-). I hope you're well... Thank you for your posts and information across the board... Green hugs and best wishes your way, Take Care!! xo ~Blue Spirit~
3/9/2020People/One People Green
3/6/2020For all of your posts in a very interesting thread, giving information freely to us who care... Green well wishes and hugs your way :-)... Take Care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/28/2020Hi! :-). Thank you for your posts on the ET thread. I hope you're well. Green hugs, slugs and bugs sent your way, Take Care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/21/2020Hello ST :-). Thank you, always, for the ET thread info! Green hugs & well wishes your way xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/19/2020Sooooooooooooooo, - T2
2/13/2020Green hugs & well wishes your way, ST :-)... Thank you for the ET thread... Take Care and Stay Safe! ~Blue Spirit~
2/12/2020Hugs and love, always love ~ monkeyflower ~
2/11/2020For the ET Messenger
2/6/2020Green Gratitude and Well Wishes Your Way, Stay Safe! (-: ~Blue Spirit~
1/29/2020For the Real McCoys
1/29/2020Green Time again :-)... I hope everything is going well for you. Not seen or heard anything from you in a while.. Take Care, ST! ~Blue Spirit~
1/22/2020Green well wishes your way :-). Thank you for all you've done to help, Take Care! ~Blue Spirit~
1/14/2020I Miss you ST, Rip Sasha.
1/13/2020Buddy Green :-). Take care, ~Blue Spirit~
1/5/2020Well wishes and gratitude green your way :-). Hope you're well. Take Care! ~Blue Spirit~
12/31/2019For the Real McCoys
12/25/2019Green well wishes and thank you! A Very Merry Nibirumas to You! :-). ~Blue Spirit~
12/17/2019For Ea/Enki
12/15/2019Thank you! Sending hugs and well wishes your way, Take care! ~Blue Spirit~
12/14/2019Thank you for your post tonight ~ monkeyflower ~
12/8/2019Hi ST :-). Thank you, kindly, for all you have "put out there"! Take Care, Stay Safe and Warm! ~Blue Spirit~
12/7/2019For the ETs
11/29/2019Green karmic hugs and well wishes your way, ST :-). I hope you're well, Take care! ~Blue Spirit~
11/19/2019Green well wishes your way :-) ~Blue Spirit~
11/11/2019Thank you Green well wishes and a karmic hug sent your way :-). Stay Safe! ~Blue Spirit~
11/3/2019Green and Great Gratitude for all of your help/info to us all on the forum, as always, ST! :-). I hope you're well. stay safe! ~Blue Spirit~
11/1/2019Looking forward to being onboard the ship with all you ET's and Leave this world in it's current state behind to Begin again ! Rip Sasha !
10/31/2019For the ET of All ETs
10/27/2019Green Greetings and Well Wishes Your Way, ST :-). Stay Safe and Take Care! ~Blue Spirit~
10/18/2019Wishing you well ST :-). Thank you! have a blessed weekend! ~Blue Spirit~
10/11/2019Gratitude Green and Well Wishes your way ST :-). Thank You! ~Blue Spirit~
10/10/2019Best Thread on GLP
10/5/2019Green - thanks for your help.
10/4/2019Green For You! :-) ~Blue Spirit~
10/3/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/3/2019I always love it when you show up-Penny Peppers
9/29/2019To the Real ETs
9/27/2019Gratitude Green Greetings to you, ST In BG for your informative ET thread :-). Hope all is well for you ~Blue Spirit~
9/19/2019Healing Green And Well Wishes Your Way, ST! :-). Thank You For Your Informative Thread! ~Blue Spirit~
9/12/2019Friendly Green Drive By And Well Wishes Your Way, ST :-). Hope You're Doing Ok (OH!!) Thank You For Your Contributions! ~Blue Spirit~
9/1/2019A Green bump for the first of the month :-). Take care xo ~Blue Spirit~
8/25/2019Green drive by and well wishes your way! :-) ...Thank you for your contributions xo ~Blue Spirit~
8/17/2019I hope you're doing well, ST :-).. Keep on keeping on with your works, it'll all pay off in the end. Take care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
8/10/2019Green for a Safe week :-)... Take care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/31/2019"Super Charged" Green your way, ST :-). Hope you're well.. Take Care xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/23/2019It's that time again, Green drop off! :-).. Take cautionary care during these times, ST. well wishes your way xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/16/2019Blue Spirit was here, spreading nice cheer! Take care! :-) xo
7/8/2019Some Super Charged Green! :-) xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/1/2019For the People/One People.... T2
7/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
7/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
6/30/2019Green time for you, friend :-).. hope you're doing OH! (ok) ~Blue Spirit~
6/23/2019Green :-).. hope all is well with you xo ~Blue Spirit~
6/15/2019Green well wishes your way :-).. thank you for the great information put into the ET thread xo ~Blue Spirit~
6/12/2019T2 Green
6/8/2019I hope you're keeping well! :-).. xo ~Blue Spirit~
5/31/2019Green well wish coins raining down on you, ST :-).. hope all is well with you, ~Blue Spirit~
5/23/2019Green Energies and well wishes your way :-).. ((hugs)) ~Blue Spirit~
5/15/2019Spring Green day today :-)..hugs and well wishes your way ~Blue Spirit~
5/8/2019Doooooomy green! :-).. hope you are well.. ~Blue Spirit~
5/2/2019Green For the Great Green One... T2
5/1/2019A Green bump for the first of the month :-).. Stay Safe and well.. ~Blue Spirit~
4/23/2019Green drive by and well wishes your, :-).. ~Blue Spirit~
4/16/2019Tuesday Tidings and warm spring green today :-) ~Blue Spirit~
4/13/2019At least make your LARP crap comprehensible, instead of babbling incoherent bullshit.
4/11/2019For the Real McCoys... T2
4/9/2019Some Green for you ST. Miss you on the Thread. Rip Sasha !
4/9/2019Green for your informative thread, ST :-), hope you are well ~Blue Spirit~
4/3/2019Green cheers from T2
4/2/2019Wishing you a warm and green spring this April :-) ~Blue Spirit~
3/26/2019Go take your meds
3/25/2019I hope all is well for you, ST :-).. Take Care ~Blue Spirit~
3/24/2019T2 was here...
3/18/2019Green drive by :-)... very nice contributions to the forum! xo ~Blue Spirit~
3/14/2019Sooooon T2
3/11/2019Well wishes and hugs to you too ST, :-).. sooooooooooon! xo ~Blue Spirit~
3/6/2019For the real McCoys
3/4/2019Green well wishes for you :-).. xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/26/2019Here is to Sooooon.... T2
2/24/2019Thank you :-).. Stay Safe and well during these crazy times! ST, xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/17/2019Thank you for your posts :-).. informative xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/17/2019Reported Abusive Post
2/11/2019Nibiru is here from Rip Sasha !
2/11/2019From T2
2/10/2019Blue Spirit was here spreading good cheer :-).. green for your informative posts! xo
2/4/2019Reported Abusive Post
2/3/2019Adding a little more Greenery to your list :-).. ~Blue Spirit~
1/29/2019Green for you ST , You deserve it . hopefully we'll be out of here soon ! Rip sasha !
1/28/2019Siriusly, you ETs have your hands full with us Earthlings but there are some of us who appreciate any help we can get since we must be the stupidist species in the Universe... Zenobia :-)
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