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ST In BG's Karma

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2/23/2024To the Great Teacher(s) - T2
2/15/2024Soooon - T2
2/14/2024Green Energies... Gratitude for The Many Years Of Service to Us All... You Are Missed xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/7/2024For The Doctor - T2
1/28/2024Green for the Memories and Friendship xo ~Blue Spirit~
1/16/2024To the Energy Matrix of the Conduit - T2
1/8/2024For the Great Messenger - T2
12/27/2023Happy Nibirumas - T2
12/19/2023For the Great Messenger - T2
12/12/2023Two Years Since your Departure - T2
12/5/2023Sooooooooooon!... Appreciation Green Energies For All You Shared With Us xo ~Blue Spirit~
12/5/2023To Enki/Thoth.... T2
11/19/2023Ate We There Yet? Heehe - T2
11/12/2023Green Thanks In Appreciation For All You Shared With Us ST!... xo ~Blue Spirit~
11/12/2023Green for you - T2
11/4/2023Ever Closer - T2
10/27/2023Thanks For The Message - T2
10/19/2023To The "ET Gang" - T2
10/12/2023To All you are - T2
10/8/2023The ET Thread Is Still Going Strong... :)...Thank You For All Of Your Years Of Contributions and All Shared With Us On GLP! xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/22/2023Keep On Trucking/Floating - T2
9/21/2023Green To Show Gratitude to All of the Years You Contributed... You Are Missed! xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/14/2023Missing our Terra/Earth times together - T2
9/7/2023For the Great All - T2
8/29/2023For Enki/Thoth/etc. - T2
8/20/2023Always - T2
8/12/2023Looking For Kaboobie - T2
8/3/2023To The Great All - T2
7/27/2023Thank you for All that you are - T2
7/27/2023Much Appreciation Greens for The ET Gang :) xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/20/2023To the Great Messenger - T2
7/11/2023Green Time - T2
7/4/2023It's the Fourth of Julie Again - T2
6/26/2023Appreciation Greens For All ST... xo ~Blue Spirit~
6/26/2023To Quetzacoatl/Thoth/Enk​i - T2
6/18/202318 Year Thread Anniversity Today - T2
6/11/2023For the Great Messenger - T2
6/10/2023In Remembrance Of All You Gave To Us... xo ~Blue Spirit~
6/2/2023Green for The Green One - T2
5/25/2023I Posted the Ship(s) from "The Hudson Valley Sightings" youtube - T2
5/18/2023Thanks For All You Are - T2
5/10/2023To the Great Messenger - T2
5/2/2023I Also Need To Hop Into One of Your PVT's! Heh... :-)... Gratitude for All of The Years Sharing Information On the Forum and Elsewhere xo ~Blue Spirit~
5/2/2023I Need My PTV - T2
4/25/2023For All of the linear Years you Gave on this Forum, Dedicating Your Time and Energies In Helping Us All ... Soooooon! xo ~Blue Spirit~
4/24/2023Waiting for the Reunion - T2
4/6/2023Let's Get This Show Started! ... Green Gratitude for All of The Years You Kindly Contributed to This Forum... An Amazing ET Being Indeed xo ~Blue Spirit~
4/5/2023Looking For My PTV - T2
3/28/2023Always - T2
3/22/2023Green For the Memories :)... xo ~Blue Spirit~
3/20/2023The White Knight.... T2
3/12/2023Memories - T2
3/7/2023Don't like that i can't communicate with you from the earth plane . i miss you so much rip/sasha.
3/4/2023Soon - T2
2/24/2023To The Messenger - T2
2/14/2023To The Green Messenger = T2
2/9/2023ST the OG -Eyeball
2/9/2023For the real ET's :) xo Soooooon! ~Blue Spirit~
2/7/2023To The Great Glowing Green One... T2
2/5/2023U miss
1/31/2023For The Great Green One - T2
1/19/2023Looking Up For Kaboobie! T2
1/12/2023To the Ethereal/Glowing Green One... from the Ethereal Glowing Blue One - T2
1/2/2023Happy Linear New Year - T2
12/25/2022Merry Nibirumas - T2
12/16/2022Yin-Yang - T2
12/7/2022Going On A Year Since Your Departure - T2
11/29/2022Sooon - T2
11/22/2022For All You Have Given To Us All... Fly High xo ~Blue Spirit~
11/22/2022For the Great Messenger - T2
11/13/2022One of many Aspects - T2
11/6/2022You are in my Thoughts Always - T2
11/1/2022Huge Gratitude and Hugs to All the ET's xo ~Blue Spirit~
10/26/2022To Ea/Enki - T2
10/21/2022Appreciation Green For All of The ET's xo ~Blue Spirit~
10/19/2022Great Job with all the Palm Trees - T2
10/11/2022To the Great One(s)... T2
10/3/2022To the Anunnaki Races and Species - T2
10/2/2022To The ET's xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/26/2022Happy Birdday to the Conduit... I miss our Celebrations - T2
9/18/2022For the King of the Britains - T2
9/10/2022For Artur Pendragon - T2
9/3/2022Thanks For Your Wisdom - T2
8/26/2022Forever.. T2
8/18/2022Almost There - T2
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