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ST In BG's Karma

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1/31/2023For The Great Green One - T2
1/19/2023Looking Up For Kaboobie! T2
1/12/2023To the Ethereal/Glowing Green One... from the Ethereal Glowing Blue One - T2
1/2/2023Happy Linear New Year - T2
12/25/2022Merry Nibirumas - T2
12/16/2022Yin-Yang - T2
12/7/2022Going On A Year Since Your Departure - T2
11/29/2022Sooon - T2
11/22/2022For All You Have Given To Us All... Fly High xo ~Blue Spirit~
11/22/2022For the Great Messenger - T2
11/13/2022One of many Aspects - T2
11/6/2022You are in my Thoughts Always - T2
11/1/2022Huge Gratitude and Hugs to All the ET's xo ~Blue Spirit~
10/26/2022To Ea/Enki - T2
10/21/2022Appreciation Green For All of The ET's xo ~Blue Spirit~
10/19/2022Great Job with all the Palm Trees - T2
10/11/2022To the Great One(s)... T2
10/3/2022To the Anunnaki Races and Species - T2
10/2/2022To The ET's xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/26/2022Happy Birdday to the Conduit... I miss our Celebrations - T2
9/18/2022For the King of the Britains - T2
9/10/2022For Artur Pendragon - T2
9/3/2022Thanks For Your Wisdom - T2
8/26/2022Forever.. T2
8/18/2022Almost There - T2
8/5/2022For a Great Creator Being - T2
7/27/2022To Ea/Enknok/Enki... T2
7/27/2022For the ET Watchers/Creators... Farewell For Now ST xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/19/2022For the Wise Enki/Thoth/Posieden - T2
7/12/2022Missing Our Talks... T2
7/4/2022Asap - t2
6/27/2022For NOW - T2
6/21/2022Green for all of the ET's/Creator Beings xo ~Blue Spirit~
6/18/2022To the ET Messenger and the Gang... T2
6/10/20227.. x.
6/9/2022To the Great Green One - T2
6/2/2022Real Green Karma For All You Have Shared With Us and Have Helped Us With... Hope Your Energies Live On In Peace Now ST xo ~Blue Spirit~
5/29/2022To The Source Of All - T2
5/20/2022Hope To See You Soooon.... T2
5/12/2022Farewell For Now!! - T2
5/4/2022For all of Your Vast Interesting Information Shared With Us All xo ~Blue Spirit~
5/4/2022For Infinity = T2
4/29/20227.. x.
4/24/2022Patiently Waiting... T2
4/17/2022Always - T2
4/12/2022Much Gratitude For All You Shared With Us, ST! Love & Hugs to You All xo ~Blue Spirit~
4/10/2022Soon, my Friend... T2
3/22/2022Soooon... T2
3/15/2022Hope To See You Soon - t2
3/11/20227.. x.
3/8/2022Hope To See You Soon... T2
3/6/2022Missing The Conduit... Gratitude For Everything You Shared and Did for Us Here On Terra/Earth... Fly High ST! xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/26/2022To Enki/Thoth - T2
2/18/2022Still Missing the Conduit and our Long Talks and Laughs - T2
2/14/2022For the vast interesting information you have shared with us all throughout the years... greatly appreciated by many.. xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/11/2022Thanks for the Memories -T2
2/3/2022Always - T2
1/26/2022Missing the Conduit, but happy for his rrejoining the All - T2
1/21/2022Your Memory & Knowledge Lives On, ST. xo ~Blue Spirit~
1/17/2022To the Time Traveler... Compt De St. Germain
1/10/2022Always.... T2
1/2/2022You are missed....7..X.
1/1/2022To the Great One
12/26/2021Finally Home To Travel The Stars! Shine On ST! A Friend & Legend That Will Be Missed xo ~Blue Spirit~
12/25/2021ET Finally Went Home - Happy Nibirumas - T2
12/22/2021Sure will Miss you ST , I'm sure your fully aboard ship now Take care until we meet up hopefully , Ripsasha.
12/18/2021Green Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way xo Take Care ~Blue Spirit~
12/10/2021Hi, ST :-)... Green Thumbs Up & A Thank You To All Of Your Aspects... Hugs & Well Wishes To You All xo ~Blue Spirit~
12/10/2021For All The Aspects of the Conduit
12/3/2021Green for All You Have Contributed/Helped With On and Off The Forum :-)... Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way... Take Care xo ~Blue Spirit~
12/2/2021For Enki/EA
11/25/2021Green Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way, ST :-)... Hope All Is Well xo ~Blue Spirit~
11/17/2021To The Guardians/Custodians
11/13/2021Hi, ST :-)... Thank You for All of Your Contributions/Knowled​ge Shared With Us All...Hope You Are Well..Green & Hugs Your Way..Take Care xo ~Blue Spirit~
11/6/2021Thank You, ST :-)...Gatitude Green, Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way :-)... Stay Safe! xo ~Blue Spirit~
10/29/2021Thank You :-)...Gatitude Green, Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way :-)... Stay Safe! xo ~Blue Spirit~
10/28/2021For the A Team
10/22/2021Gatitude Green, Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way :-)... Stay Safe! xo ~Blue Spirit~
10/13/2021For the Enock Aspect of ST
10/13/2021Just A Little Green To Say Thank You :-)... Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way! Take Care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
10/6/2021Green Gratitude, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way, ST :-)... Stay Safe! ~Blue Spirit~
10/5/2021For Hermes
9/28/2021Hello ST :-)... Green Gratitude, Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way... Take Care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/27/2021To the Many Aspects of the Conduit, ST In BG
9/21/2021Hello, ST & ET's :-)... Just A Little Green To Send My Gratitude, Hugs & Well Wishes to You All From This End Of The Pond... Take Care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/20/2021For Enoch
9/13/2021Hi, ST :-)... Green Gratitude, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way, Dear Friend...Hope You Have A Lovely Week Ahead. Take Care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/13/2021To ALL the ETs
9/5/2021Hello ST :-). Hope You're Keeping Safe & Well...Green Hugs, Gratitude & Well Wishes Your Way.. Take Care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/4/2021For "Klaatu"
8/28/2021Hello ST :-)... A Thank You Green, Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way... Stay Safe & Warm/Cool! xo ~Blue Spirit~
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