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doodlebug's Karma

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2/12/2012For always being kind and honest ;) salt
2/12/2012Sunday karma!! ~e1
2/9/2012Belated Birthday Karma..cowgirlk
2/8/2012Thanks for the green Doodles...have a great day!!!! "LooK`n"
2/5/2012"Big hands, I know you're the one" LoL!
2/4/2012Buddy karma Much love! 11.11.11
2/3/2012Birthday Karma for you!!! Much love, Strangela
2/3/2012Hope your Birthday was great!~Luna
2/2/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/2/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/2/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/2/2012Hope you had a great birthday. You deserve it! - shaz
2/2/2012Counteracting inappropriate red karma one thumb at a time. (L&L)
2/2/2012Led Zeppelin Luv :) ~Happy Birthday!! ~ SeekingWisdom
2/1/2012Its to measure how much fat kids exercise.
2/1/2012For your bullshit thread about your kids shoe
2/1/2012For taking the time to inform about a good story.
2/1/2012Do something for Christ sake. Gathering info is not enough
2/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/1/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/1/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/30/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/30/2012Hugs** LaniJane
1/29/2012Sunday karma, cuz its sunday...lol
1/28/2012Karma Fairy! CowgirlK
1/26/2012One of the good ones.
1/24/2012Some more green for ya. ;) Salt
1/21/2012I want to doodle your bug! LoL.
1/20/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/19/2012Just some good karma for you.
1/18/2012Thanks doodles xoxo
1/16/2012Passing the green aroung on my buddy list. CowgirlK
1/15/2012YOURE the sweetie!!! Congratulations granny!!! xoxo, Strangela
1/15/2012Hi Doodles! :) LJ
1/12/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/12/2012Thanks and Returns! VoraciousHoney
1/10/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/10/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/10/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/10/2012Thank you, amiga :) Salt
1/9/2012Here, have some of this green stuff. ;-`)
1/8/2012For liking sports! PB
1/8/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/7/2012Do you love her?
1/4/2012Thank you karma from Bowman! : )
1/4/2012A Stroketard (it's a reason)
1/1/2012Happiest New Year to you & yours.! :) Salt
12/31/2011Happy New Year! (L&L)
12/31/2011Happy 2012 DoodleBug!!! I wish you tons of peace, love & understanding for the new year too!!! xoxo, Strangela
12/31/2011Reported Abusive Post
12/31/2011New Year karma :) LaniJane
12/25/2011Merry Christmas karma from Bowman!
12/25/2011Merry Christmas...CowgirlK
12/23/2011Have a Holly Jolly Christmas - shaz
12/23/2011Merry Christmas Doodles!!! xoxo, Strangela
12/23/2011Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!! Salt
12/22/2011Merry Christmas Kharma for you! ;-`)
12/22/2011Sending love and prayers your way, now and all year long <3 LaniJane
12/21/2011Merry christmas doodles and thank you for the support!
12/16/2011From the Pool. :)
12/14/2011Loooove the new avatar!! MP :)
12/12/2011Cool music lover! - endave
12/12/2011"All the love you've been giving has all been meant for you" ;-`)
12/12/2011Hugs - Lotus Flower
12/12/2011You a muse
12/10/2011Peace be with you :) LaniJane
12/9/2011Thanks for the Bee Gees embed....can't figure out what I'm doing wrong unless it's UBUNTU US I'm using. AdHocBOHICA
12/7/2011You're an awesome lady! KateCan :)
12/3/2011Her pain is evident in succinct terms. I feel it.
12/2/2011Belated thanksgiving karma!!
12/2/2011Because you deserve it :) LaniJane
12/1/2011From JFav - Here you are, thanks again!
11/30/2011Kharma for my favorite Okie! ;-`)
11/30/2011Thanks for sweet comment on pic thread, Martianprincess
11/29/2011Just because ;) Salt
11/24/2011Haaaaaappy Thanksgiving*Arizone
11/23/2011Happy Thanksgiving, Doodle! (Life and Love)
11/23/2011Thanksgiving Karma back at ya!!! xoxo, Strangela
11/22/2011Beware the slippery slope, Doodles...
11/21/2011Good kharma for my favorite Oakie! ;-`)
11/21/2011Just because
11/20/2011You just got caught up in a drive-by Karma attack by Doommincus Maximus
11/19/2011Hi to my favorite music tard. Thanks for sharing the music...CowgirlK!!!
11/18/2011My first point goes to you...take care...m.m.
11/16/2011Mmmmmm Much Love
11/16/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/14/2011For you and in memory of your hubby *hugs
11/14/2011For being a friend <3 LaniJane
11/14/2011Thank you doodles...you played some great music as well!
11/13/2011From phenn
11/12/2011The Mac!!!!
11/8/2011For putting up with this crazy Oklahoma night as well. Okie
11/7/2011Reported Copyright Violation
11/5/2011For being awesomely nice...take care down there
11/5/2011DoodleBug was in the MOOD! ~Luna
11/3/2011Haj paj
11/3/2011And you too ,,, hitndahedfred
11/3/2011Reciprocity. <3 LaniJane
11/2/2011Karma hug for you! Peace and love, Strangela
11/1/2011I'm so sorry for your loss...
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