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1/5/2019Awesome post about Trump needing the battle! Thank you! Vision Thing
12/3/2018Yea he was a badass ... mollz
11/10/2018Dace wuzz heere =-)
11/6/2018Dirty traitor
10/18/2018God bless! - abeliever
10/8/2018Couldn't agree more , re ronaldo - the lust for money has taken over the world and this is a quick way to big bucks imo curry nosher -
9/30/2018Not funny at all asshole
9/26/2018Makes sense
8/30/2018Thanks for your comments in whisper bully thread! Sterling Malory Archer
8/21/2018Thanks suga~choosen
8/5/2018You must be young. You say stupid shit all the time.
8/2/2018What w2w said,,,,lol
8/2/2018Go and suck rickgrimes stinky cheese crusted cock. fucking faggot..w2w
7/30/2018Pedo supporter
7/28/2018Thanks! Sterling Malory Archer
7/11/2018Hillary took a dump
6/30/2018Some people get upset over red karma, go figure....
4/7/2018You are a fucking moron, the constitution, including the 2A, trumps all laws that go against it. Get a convention of states if you want those fucking laws valid.
4/7/2018Nice !!
3/21/2018Make over 55k, w/ disabled child and get tax raped.~Too old to care
3/21/2018It is asshole
3/21/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
3/21/2018You're poor
3/10/2018To the expanding earth ~thinking...
3/2/2018Lol !
2/6/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/8/2018Green from Goneviral
12/28/2017Green k For You to Buy More Hair Spray And Cause You Have a Great Heart
12/22/2017Gonviral Green
12/19/2017Merry Christmas!!! ~ Hotmess
12/17/2017Awesomeness - eclYpse
12/17/2017One of the best. Blessed to know you buddy. Merry Christmas, InterMezzo : )
12/17/2017Another good man. :)
12/17/2017Merry Christmas Green from Onadraw
11/25/2017Green from OldWhiteGuy
11/10/2017Self appointed expert of nothing
10/8/2017Hi from Ralph--a house dog
9/4/2017Green spiders frum Dace
9/2/2017Green from Goneviral
8/31/2017I love your avy. Alpacalips
8/13/2017You disgust me. A young woman has died. Wtf is wrong with you..your parents must be so proud.
8/13/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
8/2/2017Even though your avatar is gayer than 3 dudes banging green for you - don't support the shows/movies etc with the gay crap!
7/26/2017You speak up for what's right. Best green your way, Sloane
7/25/2017What a fucking loser ... take your commie paradise and fuck off
7/15/2017Hahaha FAGGOT is such a great word! -SilentScreams
7/13/2017Good father green - home on weekends is everything. Sloane
6/26/2017Go shove some Indian spices up your ass to give that big ole Indian dick some company. And that smiling avatar is almost as annoying as your essence.
6/17/2017Good answer!
6/3/2017I like your style friend- Rorschach Watchmen
5/30/2017Great thread, great views, keep on posting man -Haun-
5/30/2017Good thread,,beware of the left shills at GLP
4/3/2017Agreed. -History Lion
3/30/2017"Europe is still as amazing as always"....nutmeg...
3/28/2017Dumbass libtard fag.
3/28/2017Fuckoff idiot
3/21/2017Good comments! ...nutmeg...
11/9/2016Absolutely! the animator
11/7/2016For blog post on best way to convince someone to not vote hillary, beeches
11/7/2016For stating the obvious that nobody else would on the Wikileaks thread today. Clearly it's tongue in cheek.
10/31/2016Saved me the post, ty!
9/26/2016For giving me something to hope for. ~ AD
8/7/2016Fictional places, lol ~ starbird
7/31/2016Thank you for keeping to the truth. strgzr
7/30/2016Uncle fuck stick :)
6/21/2016Brief :)
5/8/2016Fucking moran, get a brian
4/14/2016GREAT bitchslapping that Romanian spammer this morning! lulz Korg
3/27/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/13/2016Thanks for the green and liking my gifs! -I_am_who_I_am
2/19/2016Friday green - dphbug
2/19/2016That's awesome
2/18/2016For clarifying the OP on the doom on Feb 19th post.
2/14/2016Trump bashing!
2/14/2016Avoid aspertame
2/11/2016Very educated bullish silver post/thread. ~~~ Raye
2/11/2016For the silver thread, well stated and reasoned. Larry D. Croc
2/11/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
1/4/2016Lewinsky - lol fucktard :) Goldorak
12/31/2015Thanks for the coding links!
12/23/2015For pointing out garbage science! esoterica
12/9/2015Because Mugatu is just amazing and I love that movie.
12/5/2015Eat a bag of donkey dicks
9/29/2015You're right, you know! - Wordsworth
9/2/2015Thick as a brick and I don't mean Jethro Tull
9/2/2015Pretty stupid aintcha?
8/2/2015Have a good sunday!
7/31/2015I agree, much easier for some to be self righteous than actually help out-kira
7/31/2015For your comments on the child left in car thread. Your avatar works in such harmony with your comments,lol! ~TML
7/31/2015All the babysitting in the world won't help a child with shitty parents
7/19/2015I spilled ketchup on you, not sorry.
7/19/2015To the point: twister
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