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Hypertiger's Karma

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8/5/2013You don't know what i came here for, troll
8/4/2013Tardicus maximus
7/22/2013Idiot, pure fucking moron
7/17/2013Now you got it - Chrit
6/28/2013Green for poetry. -- EK
6/16/2013No one gives a fuck about your smarmy, cunty opinions, it's okay tohugh you're probably a 13 yr old and that's why you haven't noticed yet
6/15/2013For not helping to provide a solution and trying to be funny. Yes, for the seals comment.
5/31/2013General agreement on principle
5/29/2013Keep posting, I want to learn more. beeches from European Union plans to cut debt thread.
5/29/2013Good posts! Greetings from insertfunnyusername :)
5/29/2013Very clever. pool
5/9/2013Still around
4/14/2013Dumb ass take some real history class
4/6/2013I like your jib friend
3/15/2013Great post on Putin thread! Have a great weekend, take care! - insertfunnyusername :)
3/9/2013Great thank you
1/28/2013You sure do talk a lot huh? yawn
1/28/2013Your posting "style" sucks.
1/3/2013Nice to see you around
11/17/2012To off set the bad karma you will likely get from your comment on the Roubini thread- SpiderJones
10/26/2012Love ya and God bless!
10/26/2012Aussie finance doom contribution.. Sir Griffo
10/5/2012Good response-nigelblondon​-milky way black holes
6/30/2012Thanks for Contributing - Ohwell
6/13/2012Great post on euro crash thread
6/6/2012Thread contribution.. Sir Griffo
6/4/2012Whats up tiger
5/30/2012Still around I see
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