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The Noticer's Karma

Total: 10 (10  User Votes) and 14

12/17/2022Green 4 cotton eyed joe <3 burnice
9/3/2022Cockroaches get RED.
8/21/2022Keep it up you dried up cunt. For every red you send, you'll get five in return.
8/21/2022And you are still a fucking cocksucking kid fucker. You fucking pedo piece of shit.
8/7/2022You detestable sock using piece of shit. I hope you die of throat cancer which takes away your ability to eat so you slowly starve to death in agony. Now that is entertainment, you fucking low IQ cock
6/21/2022More red for the cockroach that talks his shit as an AC then signs in to give red. Fuckin gutless cockroach.
6/6/2022Havent forgotten about ya, cockroach.
5/8/2022Do you think you can run and hide like a cockroach? Here is a RED finger right up your ass from a Witch, you steaming pile of dogshit.
5/8/2022Dude stop sending me dick pics. I'm told you a dozen times I'm not gay.
5/1/2022Punk bitch
4/30/2022Gutter trash
4/6/2022Nice post in the growler thread - Justme
4/6/2022That Ukrainian soldiers at the capitol riots post!
2/7/2022Are you going to answer me, or shall I take your silence as an admission you were wrong? -Astro
1/31/2022NICE memes u dropped on Game Over thread I pined....Zenobia ;-)
11/15/2021Absolutely right
10/9/2021Why the negative karma?
9/11/2021Because your Forrest pic made me laugh so hard- THX! - Mr_Electric
4/8/2021Sharing expiry date of Neo's passport. good find and great share ðŸ‘
7/29/2018I enjoyed the song. - HayaH -

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