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gamecock's Karma

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9/17/2022Good luck to you and god bless. Youre absolutely right about the endgame for us unvaxxed -RW
4/16/2022Agree, OP targeting "Trump supporters" with lies is a trollish shill.
3/29/2022China going to fuck you!
1/15/2022We're probably neighbors...Just South of Charlotte too
11/20/2021Vit D thread and Vit K MySoul
6/6/2021Man up and stop them -- oniongrass
4/20/2021"In her day, Eleanor Mondale would have been a great piece of ass." Completely irrelevant and uncivilized.
6/21/2020Derp mc fucking derp dipped in honey derp sauce
2/26/2020Good info plus a local :)
5/2/2019Who's really the asshole, Capo
3/28/2018Green for supporting one-way tickets to Ghana! - Zovalex
5/20/2017They are all prostitutes and will do anything to find a sugar daddy.
1/31/2017Hhi gamecock, are you the same guy that posted at FR? welcome, furrry pete

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