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robinr1's Karma

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10/5/2022Has a sense of humour
10/3/2022I fart on your NWO head.
10/2/2022So we should support BIDEN, the demented idiot that FORCED the vaccine on us, instead of TRUMP? Great logic, you fuckin TARD.
9/16/2022Wrong Forest Wrong
9/13/2022Oh, look ma! Another cunt whose been on standby for years before saying anything. Such a worthy investment, eh. Dink!
9/13/2022Trump's death jab this
9/13/2022Once an ass, always an ASSHOLE
9/12/2022Oh dear...just shut up
9/12/2022I bet you dream of being sniffed by your daddy Xi-Den
9/12/2022Have another
8/24/2022Asshole. tv?
8/24/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/23/2022Prove that Dave x22 is wrong. Thing is; you can't.
8/16/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/16/2022You are fake
8/16/2022What a loser!
8/15/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/15/2022Dang, you're on pace to out RED your other account real fast!
8/15/2022Stupid ass accusing Giuliani of 9/11. He was the best mayor NYC ever had.
8/15/2022You suck, poxy libtard.
7/29/2022Is TDS because you guys get a hard on everytime yall see trump?? does it make you angry that he causes tingles in your lil weiner...because yall some obsessive angry lil dumbasses
7/27/2022Liar , that gets all it's news from fox and the view.
6/26/2022Still banging that broken drum. You leftist shills are retarded and mentally ill.
6/26/2022Red for the person who has Trump living in their head rent free -1 your first of many

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