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radar5636's Karma

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1/15/2019From a vegetarian.
1/7/2019For being ignorant
1/7/2019Lol wtf gross. Not eating there. HAHA Diabolical
1/7/2019Why are you so much for brown people destroying nations?
1/6/2019From reepster
1/4/2019Your English grammar and spelling is worse than a fucking Mexican.
1/3/2019For video about Bre Payton-Penny Peppers
12/30/2018Spot on.
12/29/2018Politics as usual is politics as usual
12/26/2018Schumer comment
12/25/2018Fuck off jew hater
12/20/2018For an actual lie.
12/3/2018Stupid marxist
11/18/2018Stupid marxist
10/30/2018Ffrom Ralph--a house dog....wishing you good fortune
10/14/2018Good thread
9/21/2018Green from another hoosier...beenthrutha​t...

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