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Merci's Karma

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1/8/2015I like what was said
9/4/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/28/2013Thanks for the karma, snarky74
8/19/2013Thank you
8/16/2013Thanks for posting that forum link about the tiny black fleas! Nicolemare
8/15/2013For posting an interesting video - ANHEDONIC
8/13/2013Merci beaucoups for the karma, Merci! from Eggcellent
8/9/2013Compensation green to offset that ridiculous red...morgan
8/9/2013Friday green! Have a great weekend!
5/17/2013Enjoy what y
3/27/2013Love your wit and wisdom, thanks for helping the other day.
3/22/2013And Oysters love you! Oyster.
3/22/2013Thank you love GFG
3/21/2013Greetings from ANHEDONIC....
3/18/2013Thanks for reaching out and helping others.
3/15/2013LOL @ your tall joke - Alpacalips
3/1/2013Thanks for the help.
2/19/2013Miss u
1/14/2013Dont worry about the haters, I like what you have to say.
1/5/2013You rock
12/30/2012A little drive-by karma to celebrate the holiday season! from Eggcellent
12/22/2012Xmas green giveaway -- Paa Tal
12/12/2012SPot on Merci! GOD Bless U! Susie...
12/12/2012Dont sweat the haters headed to hell.
12/11/2012Here is something you can learn....how to recieve a red thumb
11/28/2012It knocked me off, too:-) 4 4 days...
11/26/2012Brief :)
9/26/2012Your posts rock. Waiting to read more.
9/3/2012Come on back!
8/28/2012Miss seeing you around
8/16/2012Thank you for the animal interpretations! Sweet! Fr WIBFairy
8/16/2012Youre yet another candidate for the need laid club.
8/13/2012Thank you! -- Paa Tal
8/10/2012Hey Merci, glad to see you back!
7/24/2012I like how nice you are, wish you were able to come on here more than you do.
7/24/2012Great post on Canary Islands!****Butterfly​ girl
7/24/2012Hello from Earth420 :)
7/24/2012Fantastic opinions thank you
7/23/2012I pinned your El Hierro thread. Ok to have more than one. Lol. ~Vesper33~
7/23/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/21/2012JC Penney thread
7/19/2012You are the coolest and kindest person I have ever seen on GLP, even to the insane haters, you bring reason, sanity and kindness.
7/18/2012Hi Merci! Sleeping Giant
7/18/2012Love the vid with the old guy owning those 2 dudes
7/18/2012For being such a blessing to your granddaughter. Ignore the haters! <3 Meggarea
7/17/2012Kids don't die of AUTISM....shit. she almost died. she almost succumbed to autism. but you did not almost LOSE her to autism ffs.
7/17/2012Thank you for the Karma the other day. 120 points and counting! from Eggcellent
7/13/2012"merci" for the green Merci. -Anubis
7/12/2012Great thread! Thank you. Parvati :o)
7/12/2012Reported Copyright Violation
7/12/2012Greetings from ANHEDONIC!
7/12/2012Green on top
7/11/2012Evil pulls energy from the negative energy forces of the earth not the good forces of heaven and that is why you have to recharge and lose your power so to speak. Deluded soul.
7/10/2012Green for you
7/6/2012Thank you for the Karma to add to my total goal. from Eggcellent
7/5/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/28/2012Your opinion always rocks. Always willing to help others and never lets the haters turn you sour.
6/25/2012Good post, - Chrit
6/25/2012Happy Monday! Sleeping Giant
6/25/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/22/2012Red was here today
6/20/2012Free green for Merci - Ardhanarishvara xx
6/19/2012Karma for my fellow Texan...cowgirlk
6/17/2012You shake your other cheeks for any takers then deem yourself better than others
6/14/2012Brief :)
6/13/2012Thank you for the surprise karma! from Eggcellent
6/7/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/7/2012For being a well mannered, round and about ass tard
6/7/2012Posting fake bs
6/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/6/2012Brief :)
5/31/2012Merci beaucoup! You're not alone! -Who.
5/31/2012Love You ~ OYE
5/31/2012I love you for you
5/30/2012Youre a load that shouldve been swallowed
5/29/2012For harassing NIP
5/24/2012Sevak Muni
5/24/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/24/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/24/2012Good vaccine thread. :) 28m
5/23/2012Hey baby! Zazz2
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