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JenJen's Karma

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5/9/2013I second the former statement
4/29/2013Jesus Christ is Lord!....Exempler
4/17/2013Great thread, green to y,a ally of goodness...saved
4/17/2013Martial Law
4/17/2013Marshal Law? FFS
4/17/2013Kudos ;)
4/17/2013Be4 we hit the marshall law, good thread ! - Indysmindy
4/17/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/14/2013For posting such a crappy thread
4/14/2013Stupid eh
4/14/2013Well, there is at least 1 stupid American on this thread. You shouldn't fall for garbage like this video unless you want to be seen as a lackwit.
4/14/2013Your momma was stupid when she decided to give birth
4/14/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/14/2013For being a lowlife bitch and bringing nothing of worth to GLP.
4/12/2013Your thread made me laugh....indiandave
2/25/2012Karma drive by from 11.11.11 Much love!
11/25/2011Almost Had A Heart Attack! - Keep smiling thats about the only thing thats free. lol Much love 11.11.11
10/20/2011No prob! ~Martial
10/20/2011Tag! You're it! Love it! Nick®
10/18/2011Nothing is cheap anymore...
10/15/2011A wonderful Glper
9/28/2011Liked the post
9/27/2011Rosh Hashanah- Jesus is Coming- nice post! God Bless
9/27/2011Heres some karma for your SHIT THREAD - Religioustard ROSH HASH SUCK IT
9/27/2011For the Rapture whenever it comes
9/27/2011We?? speak for yourself
9/27/2011I'm a christian and I believe these words...this has to be the year
9/27/2011Great Post! Maranatha Jesus!
9/27/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/25/2011Good mom!
9/25/2011Crazy tard, bubble brain , stupid mom
9/25/2011Agree with your common sense.
9/21/2011The truth. Indiandave.
9/20/2011So whiney
9/19/2011Much love JenJen! 11.11.11
9/19/2011Sorry but ty
9/19/2011Tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax
9/15/2011Yes God does want That! Awesome
9/15/2011God Bless you and your husband for your service! I'm only on year twelve! :)
9/14/2011Don't fret the Karma. Faith
9/14/2011Lol ... you're asking for it, you know. :)
9/14/2011For free
9/14/2011Annoyed because I took her sisters ruby slippers.
9/14/2011Good karma from the kitteh :)
9/14/2011Ignore the haters!-Evan03
9/14/2011So there!
9/14/2011Here some karma for you Jen
9/14/2011For getting those retarded negative karmas :)
9/14/2011Tampon .
9/14/2011Whining about negative karma.
9/14/2011What you focus on increases
9/14/2011For wisdom
9/12/2011Great catch. Thank you.
9/12/2011She speaks her truth in the hope that someone will listen... and not use vile language back
9/12/2011I love you! - Lisa:)
9/12/2011Do us a favor and go away.
9/11/2011Thx for nice summation on my thread.:) from morganite
9/10/2011Yes, Jesus is the Savior, the only one who can save us from all of this!
9/9/2011The Time Is Near!
9/8/2011Back at ya..Thanks ..LooK`n here
9/6/2011For the Throne of Judgement
9/4/2011Good Karma for raising awareness of our Lord's return (L&L)
9/4/2011Good karma right back---Jtreal3
9/4/2011For loving the Lord's appearing ... yea !!!
9/1/2011Sympathy vote
9/1/2011Finally loaded with Karma to share... take care my friend
9/1/2011Thanks for sharing your dream! ag
8/31/2011Ms Sweet pea Karma
8/30/2011Shit you and israel
8/30/2011Keep on believing no matter what they say! ~SR37
8/30/2011Cause you needed some.
8/30/2011Jesus is coming soon. :)
8/30/2011Just a random act of kindness
8/29/2011Asking for karma
8/29/2011Cylo Serious was Here!
8/29/2011Because Jesus loves you
8/29/2011Because you believe in our Lord Jesus, I do too!!
8/29/2011I believe 2
8/29/2011For a fellow Christian
8/29/2011Cause I believe in karma. but Jesus is just all right with me....meganebula....l​ove, love, LOVE!
8/29/2011Only because you asked...romulus
8/29/2011You and your visions are retarded and hardly a credible source for anything astronomical!
8/26/2011<3 kindness <3
8/25/2011For a fellow-believer---Ame​n

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