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Alferd Packer's Karma

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3/13/2023You're a low life Democrat and a Is democratic left wing liberal supporter
1/16/2023Compadre WBH
12/24/2022Peace and love to you. Hugs, pool
12/24/2022Merry Christmas and God bless you - WhiteAngel
11/18/2022Sending prays to you mate from the bottom corner of the world - Tasmania
11/17/2022Hang in there----Terrebonne
11/14/2022Sorry for your loss ! From tiger1
11/14/2022So sorry for your loss. Never words enough for this. Warm thoughts for you and your family. Mezzo.
11/14/2022Hang in there buddy
11/14/2022Sad to hear of your loss --- Tick Tock
11/14/2022Little green for your spirits
11/14/2022Sorry for your loss and praying for God's comfort for you. NOLAangel
11/14/2022So sorry for your loss. ElleMira
11/14/2022Sorry for your loss. Kdog
11/14/2022So sorry for your loss
10/30/2022Reported Abusive Post
7/16/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/15/2022Not too bright are you?You know that post is agsinst the rules but you did it anyway. What a dumb ass!
4/23/2022Will never spend one dollar on Disney [**]D CHEERS -DeploraVision
4/13/2022You. retard
3/27/2022F*ck You N*zi
2/4/2022From Butch DeFeo - thanks for posting in my thread!
2/1/2022Warm green cheers- SeaLass34
1/20/2022Perma Green!!!
1/12/2022You know not that which you speak
11/5/2021Fak u
9/28/2021Spartacus -Arkansassy
9/28/2021Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/16/2021This belongs to the Civilian POTUS Joe Biden. He did this. Not the Military. Truth!
8/16/2021This is correct
6/8/2021Water is for toilets!
5/23/2021Half Past Midnight
4/24/2021For the John Kerry Monty Python reference -KittyLittle
2/12/2021Et Sano
12/26/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/25/2020Reported Abusive Post
8/12/2020Antimatter van for august. lol. love Mistress C
12/10/2019Thanks for participating , fellow virginian and mad as hell ptriot... coastie
3/31/2019Cherubs. love Miss Cleo
11/29/2018Wow! Thanks for the Greenage! Wedge5th
10/23/2018Ignorant Cunt Your Fucking Front Hole! Fuck Off! ~*14*~
9/14/2017To counter the retard reds - Pale Horse
9/13/2016Sending some love your way! - LIsa*Lisa :)
7/31/2016Beechwa howdy
6/22/2016Good Eye Brother. Keep em open - WP
5/26/2016Learn how the sun moves
5/26/2016Sun thread ---- Suwannee Sasquatch
5/17/2016Sickandtwisted was here, thanks for your post!
4/6/2016You're all right, you know that?-kira
9/17/2015Our dogs sleep in our bed too. -Freckle Face
9/8/2015Amen green for you..davvi :)
8/23/2015Doom tard, we ride!!!
7/10/2015Thetruthmonger :)
6/20/2015I should do this more often~ Silvervega
5/30/2015Thank you for your kind Karma comment... Zuzu
4/7/2015Thanks! Ag47
3/28/2015For the relish
3/18/2015I felt the same way, complaining about stuff that just doesn' t matter. Good thoughts, Sloane
3/18/2015Now if only we could make our countries that way! :) AnonymousGirl
3/3/2015One old biker chick lol cute ~Bambi2U
2/27/2015You deserve red for posting that Mel Gibson patriot bullshit but it made me lmao
2/21/2015Reported Abusive Post
2/20/2015Reported Abusive Post
1/31/2015Your post's Re: What I dont Understand about The Beheading Videos....IMHO you hit the nail on the head Sir. AdHocBOHICA
1/20/2015Right back atcha ty
1/15/2015Red? Thx ~norm
1/14/2015Good GREEN for your GREAT heart. --Freckle Face
12/31/2014Happy New Year!!! Saddletramp
12/13/2014Thank you ! From Tiger1.
11/27/2014Dumb dumb
11/16/2014Dace & Khaleesi wuz hear =-)
10/28/2014Funny comment on GM's thread--Chibs
10/22/2014Brief :)
10/17/2014Green for you, just because ; ) Dog Wayne
10/16/2014Thx for sharing your dreams - tripleh
10/15/2014Congress was told that is the same as Dawn Dish Liquid. Which will kill anything in the pond, but ebola??? Thanks for the laugh.
9/28/2014Thank you for watching the video, means a lot! - The Brave
9/12/2014Green fart karma from eekers
9/11/2014I always laugh at your avatar <3
9/9/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/5/2014Good chips!!!! -flameworker
8/27/2014The three women, pickled herring, and the beer in the grocery store. LMAO! ....nutmeg...
8/21/2014DERP!! Republican lover....<wolf in sheeps clothes> They are ALL corrupt!!
8/15/2014Timely comment
8/1/2014Thanks for that!
7/30/2014Coon hunters unite. pool
7/29/2014Green from Eugene!! Rockhuff
7/29/2014Captain Clown Shoes.
7/27/2014Good floyd reference - Mr Pasta's Magic Wishboat
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