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Nerd88's Karma

Total: 49 (49  User Votes)

1/2/2022News ~Moniker
8/16/2013Hey Nerd! Love, Ele xx
8/14/2013Peace down-under, matey! Always great to see you posting, friend.-hugh
8/14/2013Good green, mtn mang!
8/6/2013Karma Hugs and Blessings :) AKO
7/31/2013Hey Nerd! Hope you're well, Ele x
7/30/2013Brother Nerd!!! Great to see ya. :) Isis7
7/24/2013Always good to see you old guard
7/23/2013Good green! mtn mang
7/22/2013Funny....sex and the sun....Pys
7/22/2013Karma Hugs with love AKO
7/22/2013Cute advise to mnt mang!! Isis One
7/22/2013You will be in my prayers also! - whiteangel
7/22/2013Sunday Green!!! ~Vesper33~
7/20/2013Hi Nerd! Much love, Ele xx
7/8/2013Hugs 4 U :) AKO
7/7/2013So nice to see you back! Isis One
7/5/2013Hello lovely, Ele x
7/2/2013Hugs for you - whiteangel
6/29/2013Much Love my friend!! ~ Tiny Trink
6/29/2013Happy Friday :) Karma Hugs AKO
6/20/2013Mtn mang!
6/19/2013Thank you for links! GT500
6/19/2013Hello my lovely! Elemental xxxxxx much, much love xxxxx
6/10/2013Nice to have you around again-sonic
6/6/2013Always good to see you old guard
5/28/2013Nerd! :) Isis7
5/27/2013Thank you Nerd88!!! I am glad you are back!!! Big Hugs, ~Vesper33~
5/26/2013For your AC/DC choice ....
5/26/2013So happy to see your Avatar back!! Now you are really home!! ~ Much Love, Tiny Trink
5/12/2013Hugs to you hon - whiteangel
5/10/2013Glad to see you here old guard
5/9/2013Big Green Hug for you! CG
5/2/2013Glad to see you! Earth Cries
4/30/2013Hi Nerd!! Nice to see you, Isis One
4/30/2013Hiya Bro, good to see ya! Thanks for the info :) Isis7
4/30/2013Missed you - whiteangel
4/30/2013Welcome back!!!....dettro

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