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2/14/2024God Bless
7/7/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
3/31/2023Miss ya. pool
10/14/2022Praise Jesus. rewind :)
9/13/2022Mercury green from Happy in Nature
7/8/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
2/19/2022News ~Moniker
1/18/2022Green for someone who knows, from someone who is seeking. ~Reebl
10/5/2021Good post about Adam & Eve - ATTY
9/26/20214 Yor Merc. Thread! Uh,capman.
9/15/2021I have been on this site many years. I have but a few members that upon seeing their name, I read the thread just because they posted it. ChivalryKnight is one such member. always insightful content
9/15/2021Green for a truth seeker from ADEND
9/6/2021Nice post: "Ritual abuse survivor (Hope) discusses Epstein's handling of children in "stall" type cages underground as animals for sex slaves" Thank you!
2/3/2021Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
2/3/2021Great thread, thank you - The Passenger
2/3/2021Very interesting, thanks. Craiglang
11/9/2020May the LORD Bless you with Peace, healing Comfort and Joy today and always! Susie..:)
9/28/2020Thank You ! ...Have a Good Karma Week ! ...(Moses)...
9/27/2020Take the time to study Rapture from a biblical perspective instead of relying on your own understanding
9/19/2020Sending you blessings that rain down from the heavens to give you Peace and Comfort! GOd Bless..Susie..
6/5/2020Wow, it never stops. Hope you're well! Penny Peppers
5/18/2020Green for your arsenal-Penny Peppers
5/7/2020Agree. don't submit. Os76.
5/7/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
5/4/2020Nice thread on the occult ritual aspects of now - Triple_Triquetra
5/1/2020FightForTruth )
5/1/2020Fightin the good fight! ~XeroGravity
5/1/2020Green for your Signs in the Heavens thread. These are wearying times...Penny Peppers
4/30/2020Green blessings from Happy in Nature
4/30/2020Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/30/2020Very nice post! The Vigilant
4/30/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
4/4/2020Stay safe!! - musashi777
4/2/2020Lily o' the Valley :-)
3/23/2020For the total lie you are posting on 5G. KAN DAeK
3/23/2020Anti-science moran
3/23/2020EM assault ~ Flashbuzzkill
3/13/2020And cheerful green for you! Penny Peppers
3/4/2020Hope you're well! -Penny Peppers
1/23/2020Shields of green-Penny Peppers
1/15/2020Green for justice-Penny Peppers
12/22/2019Christmas green-Penny Peppers
12/20/2019Memories can be injected ~~sseess
12/20/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
10/29/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
10/29/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/28/2019Vaccine thread ~Interested_1
10/28/2019Such a good man you are Hugs ~ Evangelina
10/28/2019Thank You for 'Vaccines: Spiritual Disclosure Thread...heavy stuff and Your right...beenthruthat.​..
10/28/2019Thanks for pushing awareness of Vax -Cebeij
10/28/2019Vaccine thread, White Wolf
10/28/2019Karma point - lavenderblue2u
10/24/2019VISUALIZE green karma - Vision Thing
10/19/2019White Israelites unite! - musashi777
10/14/2019Have a great day! White Wolf! :)
9/26/2019Hellooooo CK!!! Nice to see you!! Hugs ~ Evangelina
9/12/2019GOD Bless you! May he bring you the joy of Peace and harmony in your daily life! Susie.;)
9/7/2019Penny Peppers was here
9/6/2019Wifi zones. love Miss Cleo
8/30/2019For the reminder not to be demoralized or discouraged:) -Penny Peppers
8/19/2019Back atcha
8/16/2019Be well and strong in body and spirit ~ Jaena
8/16/2019Green for the white knights!
8/16/2019Reported Abusive Post
8/16/2019Very informitave thread, thanks man.
8/16/2019Green from WGON
8/16/2019Good find
8/16/2019Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
8/16/2019Thanks for the detailed explanations for those of us who can't watch right now. You're a great OP!
8/16/2019Lumberghini was here :)
8/16/2019Ritual abuse survivor ~~sseess
8/16/2019Epstein survivor video - Half Past Midnight
8/16/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/15/2019White Wolf:)
8/12/2019Monday green C. Knight!! Hugs ~ Evangelina
8/12/2019Have a great week! ~ Cartel
8/6/2019Lol Jehovah's witness - TDP2
8/1/2019Sir! - musashi777
7/30/2019We have a media constantly putting them in suits, ties, holding lap tops and sitting next to white women like they are compatible.... completely false narrative.
7/30/2019Good posts, furrry pete
7/29/2019Thank you for your comments CK!! I appreciate it very much. Hugs ~ Evangelina
7/26/2019Phony christian dipshit
7/25/2019Great thread! Carol B.
7/24/2019How many prays will it take?
7/20/2019This is way overdue!! Hugs ~ Evangelina
7/15/2019Thank you Good Sir, from WS
7/12/2019GOD Bless you! My prayers will continue for you and that the LORD will always bless you and keep you! Susie..:)
7/8/2019Green! - musashi777
6/21/2019Down with needles -Arkansassy
6/21/2019Reading ur threads bro-same mindset USC1
6/21/2019Excellent post re The Tribes - GenX Dude
6/20/2019Dow thread participation trophy. 1-2-follow
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