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Hugh M Eye's Karma

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5/21/2013Debunking "Doctors" :D
5/20/2013A pleasure to be reading your threads, thanks for sharing, Take care, Mary
5/19/2013Keep it going with the updates, brah
5/19/2013Thank you for knowing what you are talking about!
5/18/2013Green, green! ChiaPet.
5/17/2013<3 ts
5/16/2013Green Good wishes to you Hugh!! ~z
5/14/2013X-flare karma_GeoStorm
5/14/2013I'll match you kind sir - Df
5/14/2013Thanks always for your info love GFG
5/12/2013Thank you for the space knowledge. :)
5/12/2013Thanks for the right feeling and the 5****. Niemand
5/10/2013Green to you, for what you do.Sounds
5/9/2013Green karma for a double hit from the sun - joinca
5/5/2013Watching you ;) 66
5/5/2013Solar hug - whiteangel
5/5/2013Flu Karma-SpiderJones
5/3/2013Thanks for the star identification, very cool, isis one
4/29/2013To de king sun tard -zpunk
4/28/2013Wow,Crazy video plasma tornado and coronal rainstorm eh! thanks for posting that video...peace ...dettro
4/27/2013Love GFG
4/22/2013Green for our sol mastermind-shad
4/20/2013I really liked the PINK - whiteangel
4/19/2013For your great info always love GFG
4/17/2013For staying on topic
4/17/2013Solar green, isis one
4/16/2013Respect! mtn mang
4/16/2013Some solar love :) NIN
4/16/2013April green karma! - joinca
4/14/2013Useful green-SpiderJones
4/11/2013I owe you some green brutha....LooK'n
4/10/2013Thanks Hugh, always trying to grap all data I can - appreciate finding lots updates on this thread, many from you : )
4/8/2013Just got a account and spending some green on my favs :)
4/7/2013Very glad you're here Hugh, Peace my friend, we need your scientific mindset- shada
4/6/2013Here's some green for you, Sol Master Hugh.Sounds
4/4/2013Hi Hugh- I have not been participating much lately, but I lurk at solar thread-LOL-Spider
4/2/2013For keeping us informed love GFG
4/2/2013Green on April fools day! - joinca
3/29/2013Easter Karma Hugh, Isis One
3/23/2013That's a pretty cool avatar. Thanks for serving our country. :) Sloane
3/21/2013Green for special human being!-SpiderJones
3/20/2013Green Karma for you....shenue
3/19/2013Ejecta...Everywhere! : ) - 'Cesium.
3/17/2013Love GFG
3/11/2013Happy birthday - zp
3/11/2013Birthday Green to you! ChiaPet
3/10/2013Happy Birthday Sol Bro, Isis One
3/10/2013Happy birthday!! Whiteangel
3/10/2013Birthday Green!! ~Vesper33~
3/10/2013Birthday green for you my friend!- SpiderJones
3/10/2013Happy Birthday!!! <3 Mama
3/10/2013Happy Birthday Sun Watcher :) "Kael"
3/10/2013Happy Birthday ! - Gomez
3/10/2013Happy New Year ;) <3 66
3/10/2013Birthday karma. mtn mang
3/3/2013Green karma for the job! - joinca
3/1/2013Time for some solar ramping-good job as always-shad
2/27/2013Hello Hugh SolStar2(NiNz being SolStar1)Thank You so much for your brilliant work on SolarWatch,Your posts are always succinct and insighful so again,Thanking You Ta' HughStar : ) - 'Cesium
2/23/2013Thanks Hugh, for all your insight. Sounds
2/23/2013Some green for you. Hugggssss shenue
2/22/2013For staying on topic thanks for the updates
2/21/2013Thank you for providing so much info! mtn mang
2/17/2013Sun doom shortly_GeoStorm
2/17/2013Thanks for keeping solarwatch so informative, see you in 3 wks.- SpiderJones
2/16/2013Like a Boss(as they say) : ) - 'Cesium.
2/16/2013Jupiter didn't flip upside down (lol) -Astro
2/16/2013Boss ~ =) - CoTA
2/15/2013Green for your appreciated knowledge-shad
2/15/2013Great work!!! xoxo NiN
2/14/2013Hugh..absolutely no risk...waterbug...ahh​hhhh! lmao
2/12/2013Good green karma time!!! - joinca
2/12/2013Love GFG-thanks for info and hard work
2/12/2013Happy Karma-Day :-) shenue
2/11/2013A little solar karma, Isis One
2/9/2013Hugs and luvs from ban girl seapunk
2/5/2013Green karma on a solar calm day, - joinca
2/4/2013Green for my solar buddy- SpiderJones
2/4/2013A bit-O-green for you today. shenue
2/1/2013For keeping up the good fight my friend- Nerd
1/27/2013Love GFG for your hard work
1/27/2013Sol Green : ) - 'Cesium.
1/27/2013Green karma time!!! - joinca
1/26/2013More solar karma-SpiderJones
1/26/2013A green karma hug for you. shenue
1/25/2013Love me some suntard -df
1/23/2013TY you all you do!
1/23/2013Thank you <3 TS
1/20/2013Green for making me laugh
1/19/2013; )
1/18/2013Thxs for the info...SLIPPERY NIPPPS
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