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Hugh M Eye's Karma

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1/17/2013I so appreciate the information you bring to the sun thread! shenue
1/16/2013For keeping us posted Love GFG
1/16/2013100 Flares in 2013 already
1/15/2013Helping future suntards - Thanks Gomez
1/15/2013Lurking green -- mistersplinter
1/15/2013Good thread! Gonviral
1/13/2013Much respect. <3 TS
1/12/2013He Hugh GOES and No(aa)s : ) - 'Cesium.
1/11/2013For all your hard work in the solar updates thread - MI
1/11/2013Solar thread
1/11/2013Nice to see you too. Right on top of things.
1/10/2013Green karma time :-) shenue
1/9/2013Loved your post today! You know the one! <3 Mama
1/9/2013Some green fro you man- SpiderJones
1/8/2013666 doomsday (SP)
1/6/2013Happy New Year - joinca
1/6/2013Sunday Green madness for you today Hugh,...~Z
1/3/2013Happy New Year to you! WeAreOne.
1/1/2013Much respect top you - shadasonic
1/1/2013Awesome work you do Hugh "Kael"
1/1/2013Great pics hugh happy new year...Psy
1/1/2013Xxxooo ts
1/1/2013Year in review.
12/31/2012Have some green- SpiderJones
12/31/2012Happy New Year - shenue
12/31/2012Hello Solman,Have a Great NYE Bro' - Great Work holding SolarWatch over the Holidays(and always) : ) - 'Cesium.
12/25/2012Can you feel it Hugh? The hoidays are upon Us!! Sweet green good cheer to you and yours!!! ~Z
12/25/2012The sun effects earth and its planets just as its effected by other things. Good post
12/24/2012Merry Christmas! to all sun enthusiasts!!! - joinca
12/23/2012Have a Merry Christmas :) - NIN
12/23/2012Sun - SP
12/22/2012Thx for your hard work
12/21/2012Glad to see you joking Hugh and not so serious all the time...mia
12/20/2012As always, for all you do <3 TS
12/20/2012Some green karma energy comin' your way! shenue
12/18/2012Just lurking lately brutha..Best wishes for you and your family
12/17/2012For your posts. WeAreOne.
12/16/2012Thanks for info on Austrailia's gun legislation
12/15/2012Thanks for hanging in with us sometimes nutballs....we are smart and just need your balance sometimes....Psy
12/12/2012Sun green for you.- SpiderJones
12/12/2012Thx for the sanity.. waterbug
12/12/2012It's that time :-) Shenue
12/11/2012Holiday Solar Karma drive by :) - NIN
12/8/2012Nasatard & Astrotard. Dr pffffffttt,sigh!!
12/6/2012Sol Green : ) - 'Cesium.
12/5/2012Solar Karma_GeoStorm
12/4/2012Awesomness <3 TS
12/3/2012Some good green thumb to you. Luv, ChiaPet
12/3/2012Some green karma luv for you! shenue
11/29/2012Ca. storm - Sun green karma - joinca
11/28/2012Thank you for being kind eneough to welcome me here Hugh! I to am interested in Solar topics! X.XX
11/28/2012It Appears None of My Sol Friendrins' are Escaping my Mass Ejecting All Over Their Karma Boards This Morning,Sorry Hugh : ) - 'Cesium.
11/25/2012You're the REASON why NIN doesn't post anymore!! The solar thread is not yours ,stop putting posters down, if you want to do that create your own thread ,and stay away from Nins thread!!
11/24/2012Hiya hugh. excellent info as always.
11/23/2012CME party time. shenue
11/19/2012Here's some green for your sun know how, Great Work.Sounds
11/16/2012Sunny karma for you! shenue
11/15/2012Happy karma day! - joinca
11/14/2012For all you do <3 TS66
11/10/2012Wow, you need to get the hell off your high horse. Being an arrogant ass just show your petty and insecure.
11/9/2012Hello Hugh,Stranger : ) - 'Cesium.
11/2/2012Some green sunshine for you ;-) shenue
10/31/2012Orange Halloween Sun karma time!! - joinca
10/24/2012Please keep doing what you do Hugh! I appreciate it so very much. shenue
10/23/2012Certain people just but heads, and I'm sorry, but you do have a great mind my friend-shadasonic
10/20/2012Stop being a douch!
10/19/2012Sol Respect for Hugh the Solar Soldier : ) - 'Cesium.
10/19/2012Solar green - jeff
10/16/2012Hubris karma -- mistersplinter
10/16/2012Karma time! mtn mang
10/14/2012Some sunny green for you today! shenue
10/14/2012Fellow Suntard-Marketselloff​
10/11/2012Suntard karma hit n' run - NIN
10/11/2012Solar Respect,Thank You for all You Do Hugh : ) - 'Cesium.
10/10/2012Don't forget to put on SunsGreen! - Jeff
10/10/2012Nerdlove brother
10/8/2012Solar thread karma! mtn mang
10/7/2012Happy weekend my sol brother, Isis One
10/6/2012A little bit of green for you today. :-) shenue
10/6/2012Solar green -- mistersplinter
10/5/2012Another interesting solar event in progress! - madajs
10/4/2012Great work as always-shad
10/2/2012Solar green karma to the suntards!!! joinca
10/1/2012Thank you for all you do!! ~ Trink
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