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Hugh M Eye's Karma

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10/1/2012Great work! - jeff
9/30/2012Good pics
9/29/2012Catching Stereo B image>>>Muzzle
9/28/2012So glad you are ok! <3 Mama
9/28/2012So glad you're ok! Solar Green for you. Earth Cries
9/28/2012Sounds like the force was with you during your crash. Lol. So happy you are alright! If nothing else Sir, it has been made clear that you are supposed to be here at this time. All Blessings!! ~Vesper
9/27/2012Solar karma! mtn mang
9/27/2012Solar karma -- mistersplinter
9/26/2012Hello There Brother Hugh,Pugh Barney Mcgrew,Cuthbert Dibble Grub,Where the Fuck is Nerd88!? : ) - 'Cesium.
9/24/2012Becuz I do not believe you meant any harm. ~ Tiny Trink
9/24/2012Sun karma- Spider
9/24/2012Wondering if you have the capacity to abide by the 'friendly first' rule of this thread. Being rude to NiN is really pushing it man. Maybe you ought to just find the door and let yourself ou
9/23/2012Good Morning! - Jeff
9/22/2012Let's make it an even 210,...shall we Hugh?? ~Z
9/22/2012Sun shine on the glactic alignment day - joinca
9/21/2012Some sunny karma for you. shenue
9/19/2012Hello - Need Cookies and Water : ) - 'Cesium.
9/18/2012Never enough ~ TS66
9/17/2012Thanks for ALL you bring to Nin's thread, Isis One
9/17/2012Your avatar is every Solartards dream :)-Marketselloff
9/16/2012Green for our sun captain-shadasonic
9/16/201289.6 = B 9.6 Thanks lol :facepalm: - madajs
9/16/2012Awesome info Hugh! Thanks for the lurker love! lol ~ Trink
9/15/2012For the awsome 3d map
9/15/2012LOL... like your pic ;)
9/14/2012Green for you... our Big Bear Solar Observer....Psy
9/14/2012Quake team- green-quake-karma-spa​mmer
9/14/2012Some green for you - Whiteangel
9/13/2012Karma blast! mtn mang
9/11/2012Good to 'See' You Around Again Hugh! : ) - 'Cesium.
9/9/2012Right back at ya. thanks for all you do!. shenue
9/9/2012<3 Ts66
9/9/2012Solar green -- mistersplinter
9/9/2012Thanks for all the info on the solar threads
9/9/2012Sun Karma from SpiderJones
9/8/2012And the green goes on..Happy SUN day - joinca
9/7/2012Always great info - akivajeff
9/5/2012For great posts! Earth Cries
9/5/2012Spreading the solar love!
9/5/2012Please ignore the fringe posts. NiN has said they are welcomed, and while you do good work, it is less important that you do good work than it is that you maintain the friendly environment <3
9/3/2012Good picture nice info
9/3/2012Glad to see you back!
9/2/2012Thanks! - Boudicca
9/2/2012Glad you are able to be here considering you are having a rough go of it. shenue
9/2/2012Solar karma -- mistersplinter
9/2/2012Have missed seeing your posts - whiteangel
9/1/2012Karma reciprication! mtn mang
9/1/2012Nice to see you, hope all has been wellmy friend-shadasonic
9/1/2012Solar green for the solar PRO! Thanks joinca
8/31/2012Drive By Green KME Straight to Your Head Hugh : ) - 'Cesium.
8/28/2012Haha! love ya! bubbles xoxo!
8/21/2012For Having Really,Really Big Toes : ) - 'Cesium.
8/2/2012Good to have you back, man! :-) shenue
8/2/2012<3 Ts66
8/2/2012Thank you for the great information!!! Are you still around?
7/27/2012Been missing you and your posts! <3 Mama
7/18/2012For staying out the the crap on Nin's thread- Peace-Nerd
7/15/2012I always enjoy your posts! WeAreOne.
7/15/2012For your solar stuff and knowledge - Whiteangel
7/14/2012Thx for the confirmation.. little green back at ya - Brogan
7/14/2012Excellent work !!!
7/13/2012Happy friday 13...old guard
7/13/2012This is the only way I know of expressing my appreciation for your continued dedication to the sun thread. Thank you, Hugh!! <3 Shenue
7/10/2012Sunlover karma from SpiderJones
7/10/2012Love your work Hugh! <3 Mama
7/10/2012Solar thread green! -mtn mang
7/10/2012Thank you GIGANTOR, much respect to you -- polarbear 418
7/10/2012Great work on solar thread -- mistersplinter
7/9/2012For keeping the trolls in line and your Vigilance. Thanks! ~ RTS
7/9/2012Extremely informative, Explains everything extremely well
7/9/2012GREEEEAAAAT JOB HUGH!- shada
7/8/2012<3 With Much Love <3
7/7/2012I was wondering where you went, glad to have you back ~TS66
7/6/2012Solar thread green karma for you :) NIN
7/6/2012I hope you are having a great day! :)...tg1 Now go get some SUN!
7/6/2012Peace Brother- Nerd
7/5/2012The extensive CME answer
7/4/2012A Wave of Mutilation From a CME of Green for the SolKing of GLP : ) - 'Cesium.
7/4/2012Love your help - Whiteangel
7/3/2012Happy July 4th....old guard
7/3/2012Green for the flare dance....LooK`n
7/3/2012Your contrib to solar watch :)
7/2/2012Just had to give you green for working overtime this week! LOL! <3 Mama
6/26/2012Always Solar Luv for Hugh : ) - 'Cesium.
6/24/2012Thanks for the radiation belt info, Isis One
6/23/2012Happy solstice to you, too!- Spider
6/23/2012Appreciation for your time and efforts on the Sun thread. shenue
6/19/2012You're a bit brusque at times
6/17/2012Awesome work my bud!! IWTB76
6/15/2012Hard Worker
6/15/2012For all your work on NiN`s thread..LooK`n
6/14/2012Love your info - Whiteangel
6/6/2012For all you do !!! ~ TS66
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