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Hugh M Eye's Karma

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6/6/2012Thanks for all that you do!~Luna
6/3/2012Another great observation of the Sun!!!!
6/3/2012Magnetosphere sites new to me thanks- SpiderJones
6/1/2012Morning Hugh....LooK`n
6/1/2012For all your work on the solar thread!!! Thank you!!~Vesper33~
5/31/2012For keeping the solar thread updated daily :) Great job Hugh! LaniJane
5/30/2012Cheers mate.. and some back for you my friend/fellow suntard.. lol.. i love the sun and it's ways.. eclectic mind
5/28/2012Whiteangel was here - thanks for all the work you do
5/23/2012Great Comment About NOAA etc. Hiring Homeless to Monitor and Predict Geospace Weather : ) - 'Cesium.
5/23/2012Thanks for staying on top of things:) Isis7
5/22/2012Green Day Hugh,...the eclispe was sublime. To the Sun and beyond!! ~Z
5/20/2012Thanks for the solar links. Fin
5/17/2012For your teaching and personal viewpoints, shadasonic
5/16/2012Because you do what you do! A fan...Shenue
5/11/2012Whiteangel was here
5/11/2012Good weekend karma run by : -NIN
5/11/2012Hi Hugh! Happy Friday! <3 Mama
5/10/2012For all you do ~ TS66
5/10/2012Good Mornin Hugh..:)...tg1
5/9/2012Just because
5/7/2012SOme green for Hugh and his ugly damn avatar..lol...LooK`n
5/6/2012Always working hard.
5/2/2012Always on top....Old Guard
5/2/2012Keep up the good work Hugh-- Nerd
4/28/2012Some green for a solar buddy :)..tg1
4/23/2012Ty for keeping us up-to-date!! whiteangel
4/22/2012For all your hard work on NIN sun thread- truz1980
4/22/2012Back at ya Hugh (BTW, I love 420)-- DP
4/21/2012Hi hugh great work ! thanks!!
4/20/2012Please don't get frustrated with idiots ~ TS66
4/17/2012Love the updates on the solarwatch!~Luna
4/17/2012Hugh! Did you read my response to your questions about my life a couple of weeks ago:? It was late and I thought you may have missed them, but i did answer,,enjoy..Luv U bro!..tg1
4/16/2012Karma smiles from Old Guard
4/15/2012Hugh, you the man.
4/15/2012Karma for RAINBOW cme! <3 Mama
4/14/2012Cool Solar Posts! : ) - 'Cesium.
4/7/2012Hi Hugh! Some green for you! <3 Mama
4/7/2012Knows his stuff
4/7/2012Thank you for keeping us informed - whiteangel
4/2/2012Here you go Hugh, Green in case you want to pin something in the future. ~Z
3/30/2012Karma from Old Guard
3/29/2012Back at ya, love your posts; DoomPoon
3/27/2012Thanks for all you do! Shenue :-)
3/24/2012Love HughM Eye ! thanks for all you share here.
3/24/2012Karma air drop IWTB76
3/23/2012Some green coming at ya Hugh...LooK`n
3/21/2012Gratz hon
3/20/2012Best of luck to you Hugh:) Isis7
3/17/2012Great info hugh
3/12/2012For your posts in the Solar Watch thread - you guys all do a great job! amywood71605
3/12/2012Thanks for greeting! --hoopity
3/10/2012Thanks for the answer. -Proskiracer
3/8/2012Rain-Man ..x
3/8/2012For the response when no one else responded.
3/7/2012Great work!!!
3/7/2012Here ya go - MrAC2U
3/7/2012Thank you for all your hard work and dedication xo NIN
3/7/2012For your pic's!!! ~Vesper33~
3/7/2012Hugh... thanks for the work on Ninz thread
3/7/2012For the smiles..from grilo
3/7/2012Here you go Hugh, green revolution.
3/7/2012Here ya go,northerntomcat
3/7/2012For al your hard work:)
3/7/2012Hugh needs them! :-)
3/7/2012No problem !!! ~ TS66
3/7/2012Thank you for all you do! You have taught me a lot! Wish I could give you 100! <3 Mama
3/7/2012HYey Hugh! Good to see you today on the solar thread! Tom
3/6/2012Thanks Hugh
3/6/2012Thanks for the explanation
3/6/2012Thanx for the help
3/5/2012Thank you for explaining in layman-english xxx - MzTreeChick
3/3/2012Some green for all your work here! keep on rocking IWTB76
3/3/2012Always good posts-SpiderJones
2/25/2012Greek Room. :)
2/25/2012Solar Work - Keep it Coming : ) - 'Cesium.
2/24/2012Thank's for your info! Luisport!
2/21/2012Some green for ya...LooK`n
2/14/2012Thanks for the link ~ RTS
2/14/2012Thank you from pink cat!!! yay :)
2/7/2012A little green for Hugh...LooK`n
2/6/2012Green for you and all you do! <3 Mama
1/28/2012Green for the sunbro IWTB76
1/24/2012Fellow Solar Baby : ) - Spittin'Cesium
1/24/2012Going somewhere!????
1/24/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/24/2012Thanks for the CME Hitting the earth right now thread - Oracle
1/16/2012Hugh for the win!..tomasgod1..:D
1/1/2012So much appreciate your work with the solar...love Arnie
12/25/2011Good Info. Merry Christmas!
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