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6/7/2012Jeezus! shut the fuck up with it!
6/7/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/7/2012Cry baby
6/7/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/7/2012Because your having a bad day :)
6/7/2012Have this you whiney little bitch.
6/7/2012Karma refresh -sammie
5/15/2012For not understanding the concept of basic income. twat
5/7/2012For dialysis thread , thanks dragunov_1977
5/5/2012Good Point!
5/5/2012Karma for u from Gonviral
5/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/22/2012Change your name only one aruna here and its not you
4/20/2012Positive Karma for You(
4/1/2012The Real secret of Secrets? We are One with the source of Love(~). tSJ
3/26/2012Stupid republicunt
3/26/2012Thks for posting the Jonathan vid. Madame X
3/19/2012For the Parasites! -Hitokiri
3/12/2012Some green for you from lost in alaska
3/12/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/4/2012Driveby Karma
2/26/2012Another secret: Be Here Now(~) < Peace be with You(~) > tSJ
2/26/2012V :)
2/21/2012Great post. Very thoughtful
2/20/2012Increased hope.
2/5/2012Madonna wreaks of evil, thanks for being on the right side
1/23/2012Good video Dr Mr Prez.. my2centsworth
12/30/2011Nice parable....
12/29/2011Too bad, so sad
12/27/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
12/14/2011Nice thread
11/4/2011For truth
11/4/2011Pelosi solar fraud thread +1 SFC_Swede
11/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/31/2011Dont let the unawakened bring you to their lower density. Merci
10/31/2011Esta loco
10/31/2011Delusional and silly
10/31/2011Great post
10/31/2011Take your meds
10/25/2011Thanks for the cloud vid ~ Jilly23810
10/23/2011Stay strong
10/19/2011Ahhh, very good!
10/19/2011TO funny- Lyttlmiss
10/19/2011For a great vid :)
10/19/2011Ray stevens rocks...
10/19/2011Best song ever
10/19/2011Thanx for the laughs with the Mr. President video! TitianWaves
10/19/2011How Could You Not Love This Song!!!!
10/18/2011Uplifting thread, Ayr Phorce Yuan, have a good one!
10/18/2011Cute video wing-ed
10/18/2011Great "Feeling Good" video! -BuzzKill
10/18/2011I like to dance with Angels(~) Peace be with You
10/18/2011Concise. Joe, Obama, now the protests. good summary.
10/18/2011Sharing the positive with us
10/17/2011Because DancesWithAngels was kind enough to post my images :D
10/17/2011For your post on why communism is unhealthy +1
10/14/2011Thanks for the Buffet information.
10/14/2011Warrne Buffett's Company OWES $$$$
10/14/2011Great article!!!!
10/14/2011Awesome find on Buffett
10/14/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/14/2011Savage nailed it
10/13/2011Fantastic tale, the corruption of these people continues to amaze!
10/13/2011Excellent find, succinct, spot-on analysis by Savage
10/13/2011I heart savage
10/12/2011Thanks for the savage report
10/12/2011Thank you for the offer of help, check the thread. I cannot reply to your message because I am not a paying account. Again, thank you. Frogblogger
10/11/2011Fuck you and your vision!
10/9/2011Obama is VERY arrogant. Good thread xoxo
10/9/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/6/2011WTF.... good catch Secrets....
10/5/2011Nice thread...dont let the drone AC's get you down. +1
10/1/2011Being nice from INPTX
9/26/2011Bad Karma voters can KMA. Losers.
9/26/2011For complaining about Karma.
9/26/2011Karma whining tard
9/26/2011Added to your long long list of bad karma
9/26/2011Whining about karma
9/26/2011Saying stupid shit
9/26/20111 from Aunty Flo. xxx God Bless.
9/26/2011Stupid fucking Avatar. What the fuck? Then you make a bad karma threadf.
9/26/2011Sorry man...
9/25/2011Sounds like you need some karma
9/25/2011Whining about karma gets you bad karma
9/25/2011How un fair
9/25/2011Karma whiner
9/24/2011I hate new age crap!!!!
9/23/2011Obama will be relelected..
9/20/2011Love carlin
9/15/2011Knock off the ego crap!~ ACs' opinions are JUST as valuable as paying members!
9/15/2011A GIVER not a FREE LOADER
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