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11/19/2012Get to feeling better soon, FierySky :) - Eireann~
11/17/2012Karma for the CALL! LM
11/15/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/15/2012You have a diseased soul.
11/14/2012Cheer for more dead children u sick freak
11/14/2012Great comment, you are exactly correct
11/14/2012Agreed, its a war people!!
11/14/2012For your last post on the Israel-Gaza thread ! - subzero86
11/13/2012Good advice to leave - Kirk
11/12/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/12/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/12/2012Reported Abusive Post
10/20/2012No, you're stupid, zionist shill !
10/16/20122 swords
10/13/2012Thanks for your support ~ Daisy Clover
8/25/20122 swords
8/17/2012For objecting to that sick cat video that civilized people can't post around--Bluebird
8/13/2012Keep on keeping on. Merci
8/11/20122 swords
8/9/2012Amen to that! Not much time left!- GOD Bless you..Susie
8/7/2012What are you talking about? Wouldn't a PM work better?
8/4/2012Pretty retarded individual.
8/4/2012Holy fuck women suck
8/3/2012Reported Abusive Post
8/3/20122 swords
8/2/2012Thank you and God bless
8/1/2012For supporting freedom of speech!
7/31/2012Drive-by karma :) - Debauchery
7/31/2012Reported Abusive Post
7/30/2012Of course you missed me, Brief ;)
7/28/2012Ty :) IMAX
7/27/2012I'm sick of hate toward gays. Wise up.
7/26/2012Beautiful heart
7/23/2012For this: "Having an abortion doesn't make you unpregnant, it makes you the mother of a dead baby. ~ Kudzu
7/23/2012Very terrible. sonic doom
7/20/2012Your Fucking Stupid!
7/20/2012Dude its a movie
7/20/2012Stop with the religious stuff
7/20/2012God Save the Republic!
7/19/2012For the love of cats! <3 xen
7/19/2012Brief :)
7/19/2012For your stupid brony shit
7/19/2012You act as though your stupidity is a virtue.
7/19/2012You are dumb. I mean really dumb. You are so dumb.
7/18/2012Fuck off. from the "beast"
7/18/2012Stfu, sweetheart.
7/18/2012You are quick to judge....I am not new to GLP, you were even my friend under my old account...how sad..
7/16/2012For taking the time to answer me TDJ
7/16/2012Great thanks
7/15/2012You need to open your mind
7/14/2012Low IQ
7/14/2012Thank you for the green! No Dhimmi
7/13/2012Good thread. I hope it is mostly 'no' votes...
7/8/2012Thank you for that story, it just helped me make a change in my life.
7/8/2012Steve is going to die and so are you and there is no granny in the clouds waiting for you.
7/7/2012Thank you very much and right back at ya! :) - Debauchery
7/7/2012Next time someone pinches yur hoo hoo smile awhile.
7/7/2012And I would put money on the fact that you are an underweight black man with no children and a mother! Bet it small time!
7/6/2012All in good fun! I <3 kitties too :) OMH
7/6/2012Thanks for the kitty thread. It was adorable and made me smile and laugh.
7/6/2012Love kitty bump pic lmao. W/N
7/6/2012Kittens SilverPatriot
7/6/2012Thanks for reading my reply on the bible meeting thread, could def be masons or the like
7/5/2012Friends - beso
7/5/2012Giving someone karma for a cute avatar is not how karma works.
7/5/2012And I would put money on the fact that you are a fat white woman with multiple interracial children with different fathers! Bet it big time!
7/4/2012For the kitty thread....cuz sometimes its nice to take a break from doom! :) -ladyannie2009
7/4/2012Who is this jebus?
7/1/2012Karma for your Pony!
7/1/2012God bless you! - Lisa:)
7/1/2012U r rong!
7/1/2012Please don't have any more children....
7/1/2012Stupid name. You fucking sheep
6/30/2012Great post karma 4 u froom Gonviral!
6/29/2012Like your style TDJ
6/28/2012Because I AM GOING TO LOVE YOOUUU!!!!
6/28/2012Great post
6/28/2012You are mean-spirited, rude and, really childish in your responses.
6/28/2012That woman's butt is a CGI, ya dumbass. Damn.
6/28/2012I love your picture :) -Skittle
6/28/2012My children have asked that I "Green Thumb" flutter Shy....:) Hag
6/28/2012For your thread. From Tiger1.
6/26/2012Tell thoes idiots the truth
6/24/2012You don't have a clue as to what Boomers have been through. Ungrateful little shit is what you are.
6/24/2012You're one sick, deluded fuck. Selfish little prick, you are. Go pound a bucket of sand up your ass.
6/19/2012Perfect prayer....
6/18/2012Greeting from Mil Man
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