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William_the_Bloody's Karma

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12/9/2015Great post in the aliens thread. SeeingInTheDark
1/8/2013Straight forward
12/5/2012Cool story, bro
10/23/2012Top 5 GLP fake Stories for October.... lmfao
10/12/2012For love, 141
10/12/2012Well, one often leads to the other. - haha! -AT
10/2/2012You are a true intellectual. Very sexy.
9/22/2012Nibiru is EARTH -- interesting theory :) - ElenaC
9/20/2012Shut the fuck uk penis head lol
9/19/2012For Posting Buffy The Musical Video... "Going Through The Motions" - Six Six Six
9/17/2012Low IQ
9/17/2012Anti porn shill bot. Fuck off you traitor trying to destroy the California film industry.
9/17/2012Muzzie loving faggot!! Trying to stop porn is being a traitor. Support the struggling accresses that want to be in adult films.
9/17/2012From Apollo
9/13/2012Nice thinking
9/13/2012Hell thread
9/12/2012Not your wife! ~nah
9/11/2012Laughed out loud at the steamboat/white noise post.
9/11/2012Funny reply on fan to fall asleep thread - Seed
9/7/2012Smrt. - Borian
9/7/2012All prepared to accept the global system after a worldwide cataclysm... yet he doesnt even know it...
9/4/2012You know why
8/18/2012Your the tard, we all know your stupid
8/18/2012You don't know much about paganism, do you? look up mithra
7/13/2012You get green for that honey..:hugs:
7/9/2012Provoking Gay Test thread - Could soon be a reality... - RoXY
7/7/2012ST and Women of the DMV - surely you jest, haha ~ Truly
6/22/2012Wing-ed Karma Christ the Only Massiah
6/11/2012Have a great week Bloody :) dragunov_1977
6/6/2012Of course I celebrate christmas. it was always a pagan holiday. You have a nice day now.
6/2/2012Watch out for the zombies this weekend Bloody! dragunov_1977
6/1/2012Judgemental ASS
6/1/2012Asshole who thinks he knows everything
6/1/2012If I thought lesser I wouldn't spend the time on you
6/1/2012You are a wise soul :) Chucky
5/26/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
5/25/2012Merci was here!
5/24/2012For our old thread killing times... -Who.
5/14/2012Lol. --Borian..
5/12/2012Keep telling the truth :) dragunov_1977
5/10/2012Satire should only be attempted by trained professionals, or those with a medium of wit and talent. Unfortunately, it appears you have no talent and only half a wit.
5/5/2012Have a great saturday bloody :) dragunov_1977
5/5/20121 for homosexual rights, send me another message whenever ;)
4/30/2012Merci was here ( :
4/26/2012Green boost sir :) dragunov_1977
4/17/2012Good insight there + 1 dragunov_1977
4/14/2012You Made My Day! jd
4/9/2012Satire should only be attempted by trained professionals, or those with a medium of wit and talent. Unfortunately, it appears you have no talent and only half a wit.
4/9/2012If a high-rise catches on fire, the steel and concrete will melt and the building will fall into it's own footprint
4/7/2012Great reply in the Salvation post!! ~ Jujubees
4/6/2012Love GLP!!!
4/5/2012"I expect more out of Germans. Sad." Thanks for the laugh! xx ~SW~ xx
3/15/2012Your answers were well formed and true. thank you for helping- TWE
3/14/2012Thanks for your post God bless--eazy d
3/4/2012You got it right Bro....Reader.
2/20/2012I agree with your point on Neim's thread
10/8/2011Exactly...the dumb american dui thing.
8/23/2011Good point!

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