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Sgt. Stedanko's Karma

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4/3/2012Some green from SFAV
4/2/2012Immature love says: "I love you because I need you." Mature love says: "I need you because I love you." - Gandhi....Flycat...
4/2/2012A closed mouth gathers no feet ~ Karma hugs =^..^= Girl Genius
4/2/2012Green room good stuff!....indiandave
4/2/2012Green room karma from shamanik
4/2/2012Karma love and blessings - Dease
4/1/2012It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood Diamond Dust
4/1/2012From Tiger1.
3/30/2012Green loving back to you! <3 miffed_33
3/30/2012Green from RoXY
3/30/2012Nice insight on Bullets. Amy A
3/30/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/30/2012Sending a little green your way. Storm.
3/30/2012Cat mouth was here, return of the k
3/29/2012Green Gremlins - Half Past Midnight
3/29/2012I hope I didn't brain my damage... Anyway... Here is some red - Psych
3/29/2012Green room karma from Walt
3/28/2012Here's some green! D'Light
3/28/2012Desert Fox
3/27/2012Thank you friend. Kinect :-)
3/27/2012Thought for the day: Happiness is the illusion that things are not as crazy as they really are. -- Happy Tuesday! <3 Doomish
3/27/2012Intend to live 4ever or die tryin!!! Happy Green Room - Lyttlmiss
3/27/2012Earth420 :)
3/27/2012Karma for you..green room party... > PEACE! EvilMoney
3/27/2012Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow. notinfallible
3/26/2012Karma time! Marax
3/24/2012Springtime Green with a Hug and a smile~KoFFee~ :)
3/24/2012Newbie driemer
3/22/2012The Clean Clean Glass of Home - RoXY
3/22/2012Power of mind is infinite while brawn is limited. - Chrit
3/22/2012From Tiger1.
3/22/2012Green time! Storm
3/21/2012Green for you! Laura Bow
3/21/2012Green room love from :)
3/21/2012Green Lovins & Peace WildFlower
3/20/2012Returning green-flavapor
3/20/2012Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away =^..^= Girl Genius
3/20/2012From Green Room with Love. :) Balthuuu
3/19/2012Karma time! Marax
3/19/2012TY for the karma===Quasar
3/19/2012Quote for the day: "Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis." - Jack Handey -- Thanks for the green! <3 Doomish
3/19/2012Monday Karma from SFAV
3/19/2012From Earth420 :)
3/19/2012Good Karma - Brisketball
3/19/2012Green room!....indiandave
3/19/2012Monday green. Faith
3/18/2012Thanks for using common sense on herb. Amy A
3/18/2012If you don't go out on the limb... how are you going to get the good apple? Happy GR Lyttlmiss
3/17/2012A dash of karma! D'Light
3/17/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here :)
3/17/2012Happy st patricks day...mroysterhead
3/17/2012Ever noticed that we have feet that smell and noses that run? notinfallible
3/16/2012Wa hooo
3/16/2012Sir, yes sir! - Cat Mouth Here with your K!! peace bro
3/15/2012Desert Fox
3/15/2012G R E E N - Half Past Midnight
3/15/2012Talk = Cheap, But it Can Cost You a Fortune - RoXY
3/15/2012Some green for the Sergeant. 3Degree
3/15/2012When they tell you to grow up they mean stop growing - Chrit
3/15/2012Karma Topic
3/15/2012Midnite rider
3/15/2012Returning the green thanks sarge <3 miffed_33
3/13/2012PayBacks R Green GR ~KirtSpiracy~
3/13/2012Good Green for you! Hope you have an amazing week! - Freckles
3/13/2012Green slide ~ TheTruthWorker
3/13/2012A little green your way. Storm
3/13/2012Karma for you..green room party... > PEACE! EvilMoney
3/13/2012Good Karma :) ACM
3/12/2012"Sometimes not getting what you want is an amazing stroke of luck" - Dalai Lama...Flycat :)
3/12/2012Green room karma from Walt
3/11/2012Buddy List KARMA!!!! Marax
3/10/2012Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget ~ Karma hugs =^..^= Girl Genius
3/10/2012Quote for the day: "If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to serve as a horrible warning." - Catherine Aird -- Happy Saturday! <3 Doomish
3/9/2012Karma Love, MONSTER
3/9/2012Friday night Karma from the Green Room. Faith
3/9/2012From john goz
3/9/2012Green Room Karma -Face Palmer
3/9/2012Have an awesome weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/8/2012Good karma to you friend! :-) Kinect
3/8/2012Thank ya sarge-Hey LOOK
3/8/2012Even crime wouldn't pay if the government ran it Happy GR - Lyttlmiss
3/7/2012Thanks. Desert Fox
3/7/2012Karma hello from Old Guard
3/7/2012Karma back from Philligan, thank you sir have a great day my friend
3/7/2012Some green for YOU!!! Divet Digger
3/7/2012Good Karma to you! Eldari
3/7/2012What goes around.. :) ~Dai
3/7/2012I have a sickness, and the only cure...is more Karma... - Dark Match Jones
3/7/2012Karma from the Green Room, peace! - HI.Lander
3/7/2012Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else - Psych
3/5/2012A little Green. Storm
3/4/2012Always great info. Amy A
3/4/2012A little buddy karma from Missouri Foxtrotter
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