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11/18/2020Such an Idiot! Red for you!
11/17/2020Stupid Cunt
11/14/2020Waiting for that moment to tell us how you grew up in a household with staff, wow.
11/10/2020Electoral college pop vote is nothing
11/8/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/8/2020Ur sick
11/8/2020Because FUCK YOU!!!!
11/7/2020Your mother never told you the truth. You were NOT born vaginally. She shit you out of her swollen asshole into the toilet.
11/7/2020Fuck off bitch
10/26/2020Fucking idiot
10/23/2020Demented and deranged libtard.
10/22/2020Fuck you
10/22/2020I love your post. This is not sarcasm. This is a real comment. Thank you.
10/19/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/17/2020Another braindead libtard that doesn't understand that you need more than feelings to charge someone with a crime. Grow the fuck up, snowflake.
8/31/2020Fuckin idiot
7/13/2020Golden rule. not always easy. always simple!
6/24/2020Shut the fuck up, mask tard.
6/21/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/19/2020Biden's official taint masseuse
6/19/2020Godwin's this.
6/14/2020For stcking up for Charles MySoul
6/1/2020The land of Mitch McConnel, Trump's bitch!
5/25/2020Still better than obama
5/21/2020What a fucking idiot you are - red karma from bootobin
5/19/2020Thanks for letting us all know that you're an Obama dick sucker.
5/7/2020Show some respect
5/7/2020Another example of the left lying constantly; YOU.
5/7/2020Say "when" when you've got enough red
5/7/2020You need more red....a lot more....last one
5/7/2020Azzhol.... she still lost!! hahahahaha
4/29/2020Well well well, another self outed imbecile.
4/27/2020Wasting someone else's valuable oxygen.
4/27/2020Your TDS is showing.
4/27/2020Have a red, Douche.
4/21/2020Good comment
4/15/2020You sure do, asshole
4/5/2020Idiot libtard
4/2/202030 yrs sober
3/25/2020Pelosi twat licking cunt
3/25/2020WTH and WTF! Troll!
3/25/2020What. a. idiot. I don't know about useful.
3/23/2020We are NOT a "democracy"
3/20/2020Fuck you
3/16/2020The fuck are you talking about?
8/5/2019Tsk, tsk
8/5/2019Great post in HK thread
6/1/2019Toilet truth - wotsits
5/30/2019Take 2 TDS Pills Daily
5/8/2019You will be taught
5/4/2019Shut your sumbitchin mouth about amazing cites
4/26/2019If I wanted any shit out of you I'd squeeze your fat head.
4/19/2019You don't stand drinking wine when shit burns, idiot
4/10/2019Nice trolling
3/21/2019Truly spoken
3/18/2019Have some red for being a hateful prick
3/12/2019What a bunch of shit you wrote!
2/27/2019Arizona? Yep the sand destroyed your brain, you're just like any other muslim, when you converting to islam?
2/15/2019Amusing, an imbecile like you speaking of intelligence.
1/31/2019Commie fag / I second that opinon / jery much / LOL
1/31/2019Why don't u go hang out in the commie forums instead - get the hell out of here.
1/28/2019Karma for a fucktard commie asshole. Get fucked
1/26/2019For masturbating to Mitch McConnell...fag
1/24/2019Thank you!
1/22/2019FU Nancy - thats why.
1/21/2019Red for fake....if ya gonna post negivative crapola at least admit ya lova ya some hilary, or if not then red to get ya head straight
1/10/2019Stupid troll
1/10/2019The feds only job is securing border and issuing currency
1/10/2019NPC idiot
1/6/2019More lies
12/30/2018The Piglosi thread. From Boris D. You should check it out ya virtue signaling ass.
12/27/2018Wow, stupidiest post of the day
12/27/2018Immortality thread>>>MarPep
12/27/2018Thanks for your Tesla post about bases, but no sign of electricity going in. - Light Bulb
12/27/2018May murderous, drug addicted "refugees" come stay at your home.
12/27/2018Really give bad karma, but damn.
12/27/2018You're so anti-American that you hurt.
12/27/2018The drugs - stop taking them
12/27/2018Orange man bad
12/27/2018For lack of critcal thinking
12/27/2018Good observation
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