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Tex Dingo's Karma

Total: 31 (31  User Votes) and 11

8/25/2015I did watch it. He used numerology, which as we
8/25/2015Glass Shield
7/29/2015Obvious shill is Obvious
5/17/2012Eye...A pirat Arggg! or whatever anyway here ya go bro~DoubleHelix
5/6/2012Returning Karma for the Nibiru thread, the Uranus joke. lol. I love Zelda too. Frangas
5/5/2012With you on the aliens - schiehallion
4/27/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/13/2012You know what, I can do that too - lOl - Psych
4/7/2012Gr Lyttlmiss :)
4/4/2012Wanted to give a Karma hug and you came to mind--God Bless--KoFFee
3/29/2012To ridicule philosophy, that is to be a real philosopher. â Chrit
1/20/2012Pretending you don't know the difference in discussing and threatening.
11/7/2011Nice guy and patient with noobies...i like that!
11/7/2011For being u
11/7/2011You + Me + Moon = Love
11/7/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/5/2011OH MY GODS,I LOVE THAT AVATAR!!!+++Eimaj
10/31/2011Back at ya!... Good Luck -- Borian
10/31/2011Grow up and move out--Hawgzilla
10/31/2011Your lucky
10/25/2011It does sound like MIB!
10/21/2011For making me laugh!
10/16/2011Thanks for the smile today !
10/12/2011Karma returned for donating towards someones free month,,,, hitndahedfred
9/28/2011For not bashing...junie
9/26/2011I like the subject of one of his threads, the one conecring Comet Elenin and the 3 days of darkness coming, very useful to check with other people around the world whether anything wrong happened or n
9/26/2011Some green for ya.. Fhirinne
9/26/2011Greetings from Yddap =)
9/25/2011Everyone is a shill that doesn't agree with the nibiru/elenintards didn't ya know? lol-Danose
9/25/2011For being a DBZ fan and having a badass gohan avatar
9/18/2011Research exposing a fraud.
9/16/2011OH SNAP! lol
9/12/2011For an honest answer
9/5/2011And you get bad karma in return
8/28/2011Karma hugs <3 Trix
8/28/2011Tex in your name
8/27/2011Poppin your karma cherry

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