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mechaniac's Karma

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4/9/2019Goto 40 minutes in this video....saved! Good job!
3/6/2019Randomly brilliant. pool
12/20/2018NGuard Bday!
10/28/2018Sensible mechanic
10/3/2018Awesome video! Blessings to you! <3 ~*14*~
10/3/2018Goodnight. pool
9/11/2018Bravo sir
9/6/2018Thanks for the inside info on Kavanaugh Hearings thread - BirdMom
9/5/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/23/2018May God save the S. African farmers in the blessed name of Jesus Christ....ChivalryKni​ght
8/22/2018For the Donald Trump's Magic Wand video- Mr Smokey
8/22/2018For the AWESOME Donald Trump's MAGIC WAND VIDEO ~ Evangelina
8/16/2018Telling. Crash
8/15/2018Like to see that bull in that china shop! have a good one, savcash
8/13/201817th century. love Miss Cleo
8/13/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/9/2018Free speech -Arkansassy
8/9/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/8/2018Oldschool chilis
8/6/2018Troll bashing
8/2/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
8/2/2018Sure bert...very funny! - sk
8/1/2018Get well soon - NutShell
3/31/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/5/2012Thx for the Pup tip ":) ~RT~
11/12/2011Karma for a novel and optimistic thead on the Bachmann wants people to starve thread - N34444
9/29/2011For joining with me in prayer for the pastor in Iran (inquiring mind)

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