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psyoptics's Karma

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7/21/2013Great post...Karma from Gonviral
7/17/2013Love of Pyramids! Sir Griffo
7/14/2013Real news - Gomez
7/14/2013For the non zimmerman news u know the important stuff
7/14/2013Good thread -undestroyer
7/14/2013Thank you for giving real news while the news reporters are busy reading teleprompters :)
7/14/2013Nice thread re: Just a peek. Wish there were more like you here instead of zimmtards.
7/14/2013Good work
7/14/2013Finally..someone on GLP with some sense!
7/14/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/13/2013Down with distractions! :D calx
7/13/2013Great to see you posting again! Peace & Blessings-hugh
7/13/2013Great post, the zimmerman case is all smoke and mirrors to keep everyone ocuppied.
6/16/2013Backatcha ... i'm psychic like that .... btw i am REAL
6/10/2013TYVM - I wont really be able to do anything anytime soon though :( - CoTA
6/9/2013Good post Karma from gonviral
6/9/2013It's a New Day. Beautiful. Serendipitous.
6/8/2013Thats what I said, GT500
6/6/2013Excellent vid on Nin's thread psy, isis one
5/23/2013For your positive contribution to the solar community. Clovis
3/20/2013Green Karma for you....shenue
3/10/2013Great video-editing Karma! Good job, Bro.-hugh
3/10/2013Beautiful video <3 66
3/10/2013Here some green,for your passion that shines though.Sounds
2/26/2013Green karma hugs from shenue!
2/21/2013Sol Green as Always : ) - 'Cesium.
2/15/2013Green for my searching brother,very much enjoy your posts-shad
2/13/2013Green karma hugs for you! shenue
2/12/2013For the gay avatar
2/10/2013Can't wait for you work Psy,looks and sounds Awesome! : ) - 'Cesium.
2/6/2013A bit-O-green for you today. shenue
2/5/2013Green karma on a solar calm day, - joinca
1/30/2013Green from AZ desert lurker. Love, ChiaPet
1/27/2013Green karma luv from shenue!
1/27/2013Thanks for your help on the sinkhole thread - amach.
1/27/2013Green karma time!!! - joinca
1/26/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
1/22/2013For good info! Earth Cries
1/18/2013A green hug for you! <3 shenue
1/16/2013Rice and Peas
1/15/2013Lurking green -- mistersplinter
1/15/2013Ugh. Here's green for that red one_GeoStorm
1/13/2013Great info
1/11/2013Keeping my fingers crossed that the sun is awakening (within reason) lol shenue
1/8/2013Good sun doom info, keep it up.. LP
1/6/2013Stupid post
1/6/2013Nice Information. FC69
1/3/2013Great thread - Alpacalips
1/3/2013Happy New Year....shenue
1/2/2013Nice job Psy ⥠TS
1/1/2013Your posts have been excellent and keep em coming- shadasonic
1/1/2013Happy New Year! ~Vesper33~
1/1/2013Never have seen you or your posts until the TV thread...but I added you to my buddy list. Your brother, The Sonic Dreamer
12/31/2012Serendipitous Green for 2013!
12/29/2012Sun karma for you! Thanks for your posts! <3 Mama
12/29/2012Thanks for the link. needed something to watch
12/26/2012Happy New Year!- SpiderJones
12/26/2012<3 TS great posts, thank you !!
12/23/2012Have a Merry Christmas :) - NIN
12/23/2012Good natured logical reply
12/22/2012Some green karma energy comin' your way! shenue
12/16/2012Stay safe and sound - Whiteangel
12/16/2012Green for you -SpiderJones
12/13/2012It's that time :-) Shenue
12/12/2012Solar green for ya -- Paa Tal
12/5/2012Some green karma luv for you! shenue
12/5/2012Much Love to you! ~ Tiny Trink
11/26/2012CME party time Karma. shenue
11/23/2012Thankyou for the explanation-EyE of the sparrow
11/18/2012Aurora photo link - ANHEDONIC
11/17/2012Sunny karma for you! shenue
11/17/2012Much Love to you! ~ Trink
11/13/2012This person is contributing to the thread topic, and also providing a real life glimpse inside the situation. Add to that they are still helping people that need help despite FEMA trying to prevent it
11/11/2012Thank you ( corizon)
11/6/2012Try as you may, you just can't fix stupid <3 TS
11/5/2012Some green sunshine for you! shenue
11/3/2012Thx for proving that Americans aren't all guntoting murderous assholes. ~ExoPoliChick
11/3/2012A BIG hug for you and yours! Stay safe. Texan Buckeye
11/3/2012Hello Psy,Thank You for Helping Run the Solarwatch Thread,Your Posts are Valued : ) - 'Cesium.
11/2/2012For truth
11/2/2012For giving a damn. thank you.
11/2/2012You have a kind heart. -libertine "..."
11/2/2012Fast Forward
10/31/2012Orange Halloween Sun karma time!! - joinca
10/30/2012Glad you are safe! Thanks for the slideshow! <3 Mama
10/27/2012Lol...had to expose facebook 1 stars to make them stop -- Paa Tal
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