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8/1/2012Because you seem to understand that the fake monetary system is the most important issue facing our world, and you are not afraid to spread it!
8/1/2012Data gaps -- mistersplinter
8/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/1/2012Just keep getting the message out there - teraustralis
7/31/2012Accurate Information
7/30/2012Solar Green : ) - 'Cesium.
7/30/2012Good work! - madajs
7/29/2012Your posts in the Sun"tard" thread are quite thought-provoking and highly relavent,...imo. Thank you. ~Z
7/26/2012I appreciate your posts. Thank you. Parvati.
7/26/2012Thanks for the help, man- SpiderJones
7/24/2012Good info for the thread....old guard
7/24/2012Nice input on the solar thread :) NIN
7/20/2012Read more post less.
7/19/2012Awesome site ~TS66
7/18/2012I love P!nk. Thanks for the video, Fatalw1shes
7/7/2012For your TSA thread! <3 Mama
7/6/2012The TSA ia a bunch of power hungry nazi's. From Tiger1.
7/6/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/30/2012Irs as collection agents. hmmm. good point. D'Light
6/28/20121 for cmoments re hiritng and staffing > blue zeus
6/25/2012Keep posting the Fuku situation!!!! -Relativity Your posts are a good read!!!
6/20/2012Solstice Karma!-hugh
6/17/2012For speaking out for people and animals.
6/15/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/3/2012All dead heads get a bump! Thanks!
6/3/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/3/2012Thanks for the response on the sun image. OA
6/3/2012Nice to see you around bud
6/2/2012"Take a rest from the hate" - great post, thanks, jw
6/1/2012Wacked mercury thread. wtf? - Victorian
6/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/30/2012For link in illinois thread. Desert Fox.
5/28/2012Nice One!
5/27/2012Good karma from subzero86
5/23/2012If you can't handle an adult conversation, then don't get involved in one.
5/14/2012Exactfrickenzacly ....TS66
5/13/2012Love the dream..It's worth hanging on to....my2centsworth
5/13/2012Thanks appreciate the input
5/13/2012For your Karma from Tokyo
5/13/2012"We need to get back to the thread folks...not name calling." So true. - HTao
5/12/2012Good thread ~ digitalgoodtime
4/30/20121 great thread!! barbara imjustsayin
4/30/2012Like the matter-of-factness of your post
4/27/2012Good post on TSA employers background checks.
4/27/2012You are free to go WindyMind
4/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/16/2012Karma smiles from Old Guard
4/7/2012Magnetic cracks
4/2/2012To love, and knowing it will all work out for the best... cause I just feel it! No fear! ^_^ -CuriousSoul
3/30/2012Karma from Old Guard
3/29/20121 for your White/Black thread. Well said. Sledster
3/23/2012Been watching this for a week now...good looking out...crazybud
3/21/2012Thanks! Kate :)
3/19/2012For Payton Manning!! lol Hitokiri
3/19/2012Everything you don't remember or can't explain, is NOT abnormal or even unusual. It just means you're ignorant and easily frightened.
3/19/2012Appreciate this interest and independent research!-Hugh
3/11/2012Awesome person, has common sense, and seems to use it. the world needs more people like him.
3/10/2012Nice post on the
3/10/2012Brooms that stand by themselves...normal..​ 3 Cheers for Normalcy! ...*from CrissCross
3/10/2012Luck I guess on the pin-but here you go! ATONTRUTH
3/10/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/27/2012Great info on the sun :D -Donivan
2/27/2012Provided great video
2/21/2012Good thread. imjustsayin
2/19/2012Turtle Karma
2/17/2012Green thumb for awareness from Path
2/17/2012Lover of goats. :) profit of doom
2/17/2012Good post. Keep us informed.NASA won't-A Few Good Women
2/5/2012Thanks for the links on the War Monger thread....my2centswor​th
11/8/2011Thank you for finding the equanox explanation!
11/5/2011Smart dude for sure.
11/5/2011For the explanation-MrsWillia​ms
11/5/2011Good Post about the Law, Thank You -SLaPPiE-
10/18/2011Astounding Data !!!
10/17/2011Shit for brains
10/16/2011For doin for some real research
10/15/2011To help keep the energy thread going!
9/26/2011From Staceee
9/25/2011Thanks for the link man. :D ~Silverblade
9/23/2011Thx for the heads up!
9/21/2011Thanks for the input on niburu-elenin report - My2centsworth
9/19/2011For giving good info about solar activity
9/19/2011Thanks for informative vid. konacoffee
9/17/2011Good Karma from JenJen, I agree with you 100%
9/17/2011Electric universe failtard
9/5/2011Thanks for the pdf link to thomasfarrell - abhie
8/27/2011Good video analysis of winged/horned object/plane in Aukland New Zealand.
8/27/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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