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chutzpah's Karma

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10/7/2011Dont listen to Limbaugh...way to throw US all in one basket for being against this Socialist power grab
10/7/20119 year old - grow up
10/6/2011No, if the right stays out of the foolishness the progressives will bring themselves down as greed cannot prevail upon greed and the dependant left are greedy.
10/1/2011Neg karma is cool ... TAKE THIS!
9/28/2011Made me laugh
9/27/2011SHe is ten, ass hole. I am her gramma. ass hole.
9/27/2011Good beer
9/23/2011You're so fucking stupid..do the world a favor and fuckin shoot yourself in the head
9/23/2011F you and your good karma
9/22/2011Here's one... Dino.
9/19/2011Karma thread
9/16/2011From Apollo Illuminati, Funny Penis Joke...

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