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Texan Buckeye's Karma

Total: 4441 (3068  Thread Reports + 1373  User Votes) and 14

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6/1/2012Love from tauranga xx
5/30/2012Next year the Islands. 8)
5/30/2012Welcome Home TB! Glad you are back safe and sound! Missed you! <3 Mama
5/27/2012Texas bump - Borian
5/23/2012Glad your having a great time at the lake-flav
5/23/2012Kiwi hugs xx
5/12/2012Happy mothers day=flavapor
5/5/2012Thank you so much for your love and support. .tauranga
4/22/2012HI TB! Been missing you! <3 Mama
4/13/2012From 1 buckeye to another. Hang in there TB.
4/13/2012Karma hugs from Old Guard
4/12/2012The good you do today will often be forgotten--do good anyway
4/8/2012Alzheimer's Advantage: You can hide your own Easter eggs - Happy Easter - Psych
4/6/2012Texas bump. -- Borian...
4/6/2012Hiya Tex Isis7
4/5/2012For having such a big heart! Southern OR
4/4/2012Miss you on the thread-flavapor
3/31/2012Karma love from your friend Eazy D
3/30/2012One.. good to see you again...borian
3/27/2012Hoping all goes well with moms surgery-flav
3/26/2012HI TB! Hope all is well with you and your family! <3 Mama
3/25/2012From one buckeye to another!
3/13/2012Glad you madae it safely TB! <3 Mama
3/12/2012So you had to buy your son a new netbook, huh? Kidding! Enjoy your stay and we'll talk soon! - Psych
3/6/2012Have a safe trip, I wish I was going too! Flavapor
3/6/2012Your sence of humor, helps me make it through the day . I tend to get too serious. Blessings drendwire
3/5/2012Karma for you TB! <3 Mama
3/5/2012Karma love, blessings, friend
2/29/2012Lots of kwi love to you xoxo
2/27/2012For my favorite Texan!!! <3 Mama
2/24/2012Your a good friend-flavapor
2/21/2012Happy Tuesday! Old Guard
2/18/2012From tauranga xo
2/17/2012Green love for buddy's mom. who's a great friend and good person. tinygreen.
2/16/2012Hi TB! How are you? Hope you had a nice Valentine's day! - Groetjes - Psych
2/15/2012Green for you TB and your dog too:) <3 Mama
2/15/2012Time for green-flavapor
2/13/2012From one Texan to another! CowgirlK
2/12/2012Hi TB old guard
2/12/2012Thank you so much for your help on the military post. God bless.... ladulce
2/11/2012Lots of love from tauranga
2/9/2012Love you too, tb!!! tinygreen.
2/9/2012From an Ohio Buckeye. 8)
2/7/2012Glad your feeling better-flavapor
2/7/2012Green in hope's your dog is ok! <3 Mama
2/3/2012Heaps of love from tauranga
1/31/2012Love from an Ohio Buckeye.
1/28/2012How is your new plans coming along? Flav
1/27/2012It appears we keep missing each other on GLP, still thinking about you though - Psych
1/25/2012Some green for you TB! <3 Mama
1/25/2012Love from tauranga
1/24/2012Have some karma back HopeisEssential
1/19/2012Ohio Buckeye to a Texan Buckeye. Yay TB. 8)
1/15/2012Love to you from tauranga xo
1/14/2012Having fun with Em???? Flav
1/6/2012Love from tauranga xo
1/2/2012Happy New year -flav
1/2/2012Happy New Year TB!!! <3 Mama
12/30/2011Christmas love frm tauranga
12/25/2011Merry Christmas TB! Enjoy your snow! <3 Mama
12/24/2011Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar - Your Friend Psych
12/21/2011Much love from tauranga xo
12/20/2011For my favorite Texan Buckeye from another Buckeye.
12/17/2011Sinterklaas gave me probation, I am back in Holland, just in time for Kerstmis - Psych
12/16/2011Happy holidays to you and your family-flavapor
12/14/2011Hi Tex! Thanks! Zero...
12/13/2011My new hero! Thanks for looking out for the kids! <3 Mama
12/10/2011With love from tauranga
12/7/2011Stay warm, TB. 8)
12/4/2011Karma for my fellow Taurus friend! <3 Mama
12/4/2011Turns out I've been a bad boy this year, I'll send you a postcard from Spain - Psych
12/2/2011Yeah, I had to change it back due to popular demand. Zero.
12/2/2011Much love from tauranga xoxo
11/29/2011Karma time. Flava
11/26/2011Compassionate and caring. Awesome person!
11/24/2011Thankful for you TB! <3Mama
11/24/2011Nz green xoxo
11/18/2011You're such a sweetheart~God Bless You~KoFFee
11/18/2011Fijn Weekend en de Groeten uit Nederland - Psych
11/17/2011Nice to meet polite folks. -- Borian
11/16/2011Your friend - DoorBert
11/15/2011For the best Texan Buckeye sis in the world.
11/15/2011Hi TB, Green for you and the kitties! <3 Mama
11/15/2011Love you sister..tauranga
11/14/2011You and Nines making that nice you tube video for me
11/13/2011Love ya!! TG
11/13/2011Hey TB! Just a karma hug for ya! Love...<wait...what?>​
11/9/2011Thank you for supporting our Military !!!
11/9/2011Thanks from a military spouse...
11/9/2011Thx rowdy_58
11/6/2011Love from tauranga..xoxo
11/3/2011Expresso beans-flavapor
11/2/2011HI TB!!! <3 Mama
10/31/2011For not telling what I deleted. HAHAHAHA.
10/29/2011Hi Texan! ZP
10/25/2011Cause your gonna tell me what nines deleted!!! Flavapor
10/24/2011Tinygreen love for you!!!
10/24/2011HI TB! <3 Mama
10/24/2011Love from tauranga..xx
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