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3/24/2013Truth hurts
3/23/20131 For The Great Prince
3/21/2013Exceptional thread
3/21/2013Well your mo med was a useless piece of pedo shit .... go worship that trash
3/21/2013Some green for you you bring a fresh prospective ~ p.borealis
3/21/2013If you are the Michael then tell all who the Michael really is. You Can't because you are not him!
3/19/2013A pseduo-intellectual jackass with a know it all attitude and huge ego. Thinks he is omniscient and possible has a narcissitic personality disorder.
3/18/2013"fractal book of danial stuff" lolololololololol you gd TOOL.
3/17/2013A Very angry poster here.
3/16/2013Not nice to call others idiots
3/15/2013I really enjoy what you have to say. You should consider writing a book. YankeeRose555
3/12/2013I am reading your posts:)
3/11/2013Stop yr filth now you misguided, pathetic prick- fantasy in the movies is not real -
3/10/2013To be awake doesn't mean to believe in a "religion" wake up.
3/10/2013Saul / Satanist = RCC
3/10/2013Can literally take unnecessary threads seriously and make them interesting
3/9/2013Love your work on YouTube. Much love to you. Never liked Paul. p. borelis
3/7/2013Speaks the truth
3/3/2013John 14:2
3/2/2013I like your post
3/2/2013This is from Allah! You must STFU!
2/26/2013Tooth-brushing demon, niphtrique
2/22/2013"Do you understand the meaning of the word Doctrine?" You don't have to be so condescending about it
2/14/2013Muslim asshole!
2/8/2013Pompous attitude destroys
2/7/2013You are wise brother
2/4/2013For sharing the truth
2/3/2013You are so right about the multi billion dollar cabal that brainwashes all of us.
2/3/2013Good post in the reincarnation thread, niphtrique
2/1/2013Interesting take on things (resurrection in the Bible)
1/29/2013Thnx for thoughts on reincarnation thread even if we disagree a bit, Frater
1/29/2013Logic +1 F.
1/29/2013You make a lot of sense Sir or Maam. - Cryin Won't Help Ya.
1/28/2013I think he understands the truth
1/28/2013Biblically sound.
1/27/2013Theres no reasoning with Neim, hes right, everyone else is wrongâ¦.thanks for standing firm
1/24/2013The Gospel according to Christ-scary thought!~hillbilly
1/19/2013You need a clue.
1/18/2013Well said.
1/16/2013Karma for speaking the truth in the Heaven/Hell thread - ANHEDONIC
1/13/2013I agree with you 100% regarding, knowing thyself. Amy A
12/28/2012Stop being an instigator of misery. Get a hobby or a life, whatever.
12/24/2012Thanks for the correction....Being Mindful
11/18/2012How do you walk with a head that swollen? -1
7/16/2012Great post-your friend ATONTRUTH!
6/3/2012Muslim cunt!
4/13/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/4/2011Closet Muslim
9/30/2011Hey nitwit, the trumpet is an instrument sounded by an angel. Read Exodus19:16-20 :D
9/29/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty
9/28/2011Open to discussion.
9/28/2011Angry, aggressive, not interested in a rational debate
9/19/2011Not even close.
9/17/2011Really!? Ugh!
9/17/2011Hi, did you just blow in from Stupidville?
9/16/2011Your stupid
9/13/2011Good post
9/12/2011The Holt Spirit scares you don't it...it should.
9/12/2011So ignorant and closed minded, very narrow perspective
9/10/2011Because I 100% agree with all you're view points on Q to christians mark 13:32 Keep putting the truth out there. LOTZA LUV SEE<@>YOU
9/10/2011Cool lee
9/9/2011You are a deceiver! Jesus Christ died for our sins and he alone can save us!
9/7/2011New Age mind control propaganda.
9/7/2011Get a life and stop trolling
9/7/2011Who are you fighting?
9/7/2011For Lack of Knowledge
9/4/2011An interesting take on the dragon, beast and false prophet.
9/3/2011Religious Bigot, only concerned with causing enmity amongst revealed religions. You are not a unifier. You will have to try again in another human form.
9/3/2011Satan lover
8/30/2011Why you wanna stir shit? you hate any kinda religion that bad? i pray for you, you're so lost - the big scheme of things has nothing to do with you...you're a blip on the radar. A negative b
8/30/2011I like your stance towards christards(!)
8/30/2011Uneducated Luciferian troll
8/30/2011For twisting the Bible to suit your own agenda.
8/30/2011Super troll
8/30/2011Your an idiot.
8/30/2011Trolling Christians
8/30/2011Trolling Christians
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