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Thinking out loud's Karma

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6/29/2012Good suntard
6/27/2012Thanks for you help on the martial law thread grefey
6/25/2012Green Luv : ) - 'Cesium.
6/24/2012Much thanks - DoorBert
6/21/2012Could be a staircase.
6/20/2012Cool points thanks
6/19/2012Because I usually like what you have to say :) ~ Beso
6/17/2012Posting a great thread! ~Beth
6/17/2012Solar Luv : ) - 'Cesium.
6/17/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/15/2012Thank you for comments in OK earthquake thread
6/11/2012Kiwi hugs from tauranga
6/11/2012You are a wayseer
6/11/2012Great post...Karma from Gonviral
6/11/2012Great thread!
6/11/2012From Apollo. To the Light !
6/11/2012For having ears to hear ~ Beso
6/6/2012You are really nice. I apologies for my dog licking balls post. <3<3 AF
6/6/2012Green for you!!! :) cheleve
6/3/2012Green hug from tauranga
6/2/2012Good to see you! OA
6/2/2012Too Shady for my liking.
6/1/2012Hi Shadosonic! <3 Mama
6/1/2012For standing up to Astromut. Not everyone is mentally able to contend with him. Good Job!!!~Vesper33~
5/30/2012Peace brother...we WILL find it~DH:)
5/29/2012Good posts. manu
5/24/2012Kiwi hugs for my brother..Tauranga
5/21/2012For being you! <3 Mama
5/21/2012Peace yo - ONE LOVE ;D - WuDStef
5/21/2012Awe, your the best Isis7
5/20/2012The 0bama thread - samanthasunflower
5/20/2012For your Arizona post--love, from So Not a Princess
5/19/2012For Obama remorse ---- Munsoned
5/19/2012Woo~Hoo !!!! TS66
5/19/2012Excellent obama thread!! - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
5/19/2012For your post on Arizona ... A Friend ;)
5/19/2012Taking down the obammy slammer
5/19/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/16/2012Thanks for the info - ~JAY~
5/11/2012I think your strange and that is appreciated. WindyMind
5/10/2012Good Mornin Shadonistic....:)...t​g1
5/10/2012Excellent video suggestion! - ANHEDONIC
5/10/2012I like his theories
5/8/2012Karma Green Karma,Karma Green - Green Karma : ) - 'Cesium.
5/8/2012Good job! Earth420 :)
5/6/2012Gets S thanks for your constant support. .Tauranga
5/6/2012Feel the energy. Amy A
5/6/2012Thanks for the informative posts! Keep it up.-Hugh
5/5/2012Nerd- Peace
4/27/2012Positive Karma for U(~), tSJ
4/26/2012What is it Shad? Nibiru? DP
4/20/2012I liked how you used the word entropy in your post(~) tSJ
4/20/2012Thanks for your message in the thread. stay in touch. --hoopity
4/16/2012Your mom is a low budget crack ho and you contracted syphillis in the birth canal
4/16/2012Green for You From DoGMoRal :)
4/16/2012Karma smiles from Old Guard
4/14/2012Tax-time Karma!-Hugh
4/14/2012Your kindness and benevolence are overwhelmingly appreciated. Nickadeemus®
4/9/2012Happy easter to you love your inputs IWTB76
4/2/2012Well said
4/2/2012Karma for my fellow sun/quake watcher!!! And Missourian! <3 Mama
4/1/2012For your inspirational profile pic.
3/25/2012For truth~DoubleHelix
3/24/2012Good postings, nice info IWTB76
3/23/2012Anger much child or is that the inferiority complex...AGREED!/IRQ​_1
3/23/2012I love your avatar...
3/22/2012For love and for hope 141
3/20/2012Kind words! ty
3/16/2012Karma from Old Guard
3/13/2012Excedrin link, thanks
3/12/2012For doing your own research & making up your own mind. MzTreeChick
3/8/2012You keep fighting the good fight too! :) Dresden
3/7/2012Lol good karma from the fellowship:) Isis7
3/7/2012Goog to see you Shadonistic! Our thread is a year old today WOW! ...:) Tom...aka..tg1
3/3/2012Some green for you....LOOK'n
2/26/2012Green For You..Don't Know Why Yours is Low..Sound Person : ) - 'Cesium.
2/26/2012Brief :)
2/26/2012Really? Resorting to name calling because you are a idiot? Ok then you fag ass'd fucktard
2/24/2012He speaks truth!
2/23/2012You are entangled with the heavens! ~ calin
2/21/2012Some green for ya....LooK`n
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