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Bathtub Shitter's Karma

Total: 29 (26  User Votes + 3  Threads Pinned) and 9

12/13/2016Thank you...!
11/29/2016Keep preaching
9/25/2011Playing into the shills; posting msinformation.
9/25/2011Love your username~oh_yikes
9/23/2011Heres you FUCKING KARMA BITCH!;)~zosocoda
9/22/2011Awesome shit story - [email protected]
9/20/2011Super, im laughing my ass of to the floor, ouch my belly hurts, your priceless
9/11/2011Because someone took a karma point away for not having the same "religious" belief. i want to give it back
9/11/2011There is no greater god than Santa Claus. He is the one true imaginary friend. Praise Him.
9/10/2011Satanist. Remember you can't mock God. YOU WILL ANSWER TO HIM SOON. .Repent while there is still time
9/10/2011I shit in a bathtub once myself!
9/10/2011Brought me back...
9/10/2011Karma for loving me like a brother! Right back at you man!
9/10/2011Cuz i LOL'D....LOST_ONE
9/8/2011Awesome gif
9/8/2011Because your avatar and spiritual knowledge create a glorious confusion in me. - Scrodiddles
9/8/2011Love that "Psychic Fair Cancelledâ¦" pic. AlphaRecon
9/7/20111from PeaceSeeker
9/7/2011Crap Meister
9/7/2011You shit in the tub. And you're outraged that 150 people died because it rained.
9/7/2011Veggies unite!
9/7/2011Good video find
9/6/2011Nice avatar bro. Thanks! ~Silverblade
9/5/20111 for the new avatar
9/4/2011Avatar is great - RedHavest
9/4/2011Dumb ass, dumb name, just a tard
9/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/3/2011Thats a crazy wtf pic thanx for the laugh can
9/3/2011Knows the law of one
9/1/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
9/1/2011Let me know when its time to hide in the bathtub and shit myself with fear
8/31/2011You are indeed wise... karma earned have you
8/30/2011OMG...too funny

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